Of Friendship and False Thoughts

My son kept asking if we could watch Bolt, and guilt-driven by the fact that I was away when they had Recognition Day (he got an Academic Excellence ribbon), I promised him we would watch Bolt Monday as it was a holiday here in the Philippines.

I love Bolt, the friendship they had with the girl, Penny, is not superficial. Although the Bolt in the TV is packed with super science, Bolt is made to believe he is really powerful, yet he is not. Being a super dog, he thinks he is faster than anything, can shoot with laser beam eyes, and bad guys tumble down because of his super powers.

One day, he accidentally slipped from the fantasy (movie) world to reality. And so things went crazy. He was separated from Penny. As he was made to believe he is very powerful, all the powers he had seemed useless. And when he is in the real world, he thought his powers were gone because of the styrofoam peanuts he accidentally ate.

While finding Penny, he met two friends, a sidekick hamster Rhino, and a streetwise cat, Mittens. The three of them stumbled upon lots of things crazy that all they wanted to do was to hurry and get to Hollywood and be reunited with Penny. With their travels, Bolt discovers he is just a dog, and ordinary dogs have different habits he must get accustomed to, aside from biting into his carrot.

While in Hollywood, he discovered the place he once belonged to and found out he is not anymore the Bolt Penny once loved.

While trying to pick up his life after Penny, a fire started out in the shooting area, the crew and Penny were stuck, Bolt had to save Penny.

Without his superpowers, Bolt decides to push his luck to save Penny and so he did. With the help of his allies, Penny and Bolt, Mittens and Rhino got reunited altogether.

What I like with this movie is the line from Rhino: Friends do not abandon each other especially in times of need.

Very true, and in this desperate times of economic crisis, we need friends even to just cheer us up and to never let us down. A smile and a reassurance is enough. We may not be helpful to each other in terms of monetary help, or physical help, but we can pray that each one is okey, and that is sure enough to let friends know that we care.

Bolt was given the idea that he has superpowers, we may be like that too, we may think that we have superpowers, but no, we can only be just the way we were created, human, vulnerable to anything. We cannot be burned by kryptonites, but we are broken with painful words and ugly stares. And all we need to know is : we have friends who will stick with us, even without our superpowers. And I guess, that is what will lift up our spirits.

My kids loved Bolt, and I pray that the story they learned on never abandoning friends will be pinned in their memory.

Did you watch Bolt?


princess_dyanie said…
i havent watched it kasi i chose twilight haha :P

re line -- so true!!! :)
Asian Traveler said…
I haven't seen the movie yet. I agree, we really need a true friend who is never judgmental and stays with you through ups and downs. Congrats to your little boy. :)
Blue Rose said…
wow! congrats to your little boy.

i haven't seen the movie yet. we will just buy dvd and will watch it at home.

"Friends do not abandon each other especially in times of need." --- yes, i agree!
BlogusVox said…
Welcome back, sheng.

That's what I like about these new animation films. They instill lessons and inspiration to kids. Unlike cartoons of old whose themes are funny misadventures and slapstick comedy.

BTW, give my "high-five" to your son for his achievement.
witsandnuts said…
Congrats to your son. =)
the donG said…
sounds very interesting. maybe maybe ill watch it coz im not really fond of watching animations.
Alice Teh said…
Sounds like a great animation, Sheng. There are so many movies that I wanted to catch...
the donG said…
hi sheng sorry to comment again, this is in relation to your invitation to see gensan. im actually scheduled to visit gensan and sarangani next year. that might be around may or june.
uu nga,teka at madownlod nga toh mamaya..he he he..congrats sayo!galing naman ng anak mo...saka galing naman ng premyo magkasama sa panunuod ng sine...:)
kg said…
Ok yung movie ano? feel-good sya, and it's nice and simple.

have a great week dyanie!
kg said…
sheng, i made a mistakee sa comment...he he! it was for another blog...sorry!

anyway, I want to see this movie but Wendy does not like to...baka hilain ko na lang sya. he! he!

how was your trip? have a great week sheng!
Toni said…
I did! I saw it. I liked it! I especially liked puppy Bolt. Haha! And the scene were the cats were taunting him. That was sooooooo funny! :D
Mai da Paypay said…
i haven't watched it yet but i want and i will!
jeanny said…
we will atch this over the weekend. :)
Jackie said…
No, I haven't seen Bolt. But I so badly want to! It seems so cute and funny.
Perky said…
I haven't watched Bolt yet. Been caught up with Twilight (watched it 4 times already! hehehe).

But I'm definitely going to watch Bolt as I love animated movies.
iceah said…
my little Josh has been asking his dad to download this movie na c: wla pa kasi games pa alng showing naba sa KCC? diko kasi tiningnan nung saturday e c:

nakuha mo yung invitation ko sa email mo?c:
iceah said…
Congrats pla kay kuya c: sorry binasa ko kasi ulit nalampasan ko kasi kanina c:
Sleepless In KL said…
i just love the hamster in its ball!
javaqueen14 said…
Hello Sheng, sounds like a cute movie. I have not seen it. I use to watch all of the animated movies and Disney type movies but my kids are older now so I haven't seen them for a while. When I do watch them, I always enjoy them- Congrats to your son's ribbon for Academic Excellence :) WHOOT!!!
REDLAN said…
congrats sa son mo. galing niya!

mas maganda panoorin yung mga movies na may lesson kang makukuha, namotivate tayo nito.
Heart of Rachel said…
My family and I watched Bolt on the first day of showing. We enjoyed the animated film. I even cried when Bolt saw Penny hugging the other "Bolt". Shhh!!! :)
Regayumi said…
Hi Sheng,

Welcome back!

Thanks for sharing this movie. I'm gonna check if it is available in the DVD so we could watch it on Christmas day.

And congratulation to your son for being an academic excellence.

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