Of Kids and Christmas

When I was a kid, I do not remember my Mom and Dad bringing us kids to places that is worthy of a kid's heart. Not that they don't love me or whatever you think, but we just don't have nice places to go to during Christmas. We only enjoy the holidays because we are together, and yes, this brings simple joy to us kids, the gift-giving and the Noche Buena.

It is nice to know that these days, we have made use of our creativity and many municipalities and cities have made their city parks a nice getaway place for kids especially during Christmas time.

Last week, we brought the kids to the City Oval Plaza to witness what we call "Pasko sa Gensan" and they were so amazed at the lights that twinkle and the designs that made the plaza become "Enchanted" as it was also themed as "Enchanted Gensan".

These are some of the things that captured my kids' hearts, and what we have captured with our camera. I would like to share this to you too, I am sharing our "Enchanted Gensan" with you.

the Oval Plaza Stage

A nice tower covered with sparkling lights

this is the highlight of the place,
Gensan's Christmas tree, for all to see

The Ferris Wheel,
my kids wanted a ride in this thing, but a few minutes after we talked about it,
lightning and rain came attacking, and I have to postpone the ride.

My Kids Smiling at Every Tower and Vistas they go to

My Kids sure enjoyed the Trip to The Enchanted Gensan

So there, I will be making sure they have a good Christmas this year, as it has been a good year, this 2008 is. This will be a special Christmas because we will be spending it together, with smiles in our hearts, even if our pockets are light. Christmas means togetherness and love in each of us. Christmas is for kids, and I am making sure they get it.

What makes your Christmas Special? Care to share?

Nota Bene: To all of you who joined me in greeting my hubby on his birthday, thanks very much for the well-wishes. Merry Christmas to all of you.


Toni said…
The lights are beautiful! And your kids' smiles are even brighter :)

Christmas is special to me because of family. I've been tempted to spend Xmas abroad many times, but I can't tear myself away from family during the holidays. :)
JavaQueen said…
Would you consider adopting me? Heee-heee-heeee! Looks like you are always on a cool adventure with your family....

Christmas is really what you make of it! :)
mordsith said…
wow! you're city plaza is very beautiful. our plaza has improved much over the years, but not as "wonderland" as yours. very nice!
Garando said…
It's our first Christmas as newlyweds, so I guess that makes it special for me and my wife, Garandee. :)

I like the theme "Enchanted Gensan". It's so focused on family and children! :)
Alice Teh said…
The lights are beautiful!

Christmas is special when our whole family gets together to celebrate it. It is also my hubby's birthday! :)
Rico said…
Beautiful plaza! Astig yung decor ah! Sana yung plaza sa province namin ganyan din!
Regayumi said…
Hi Sheng,

It’s a nice place to bond with your kids. Kids are always attracted to lights and rides.

Christmas is special to us because this is the time of the year where we are able to spend it with our parents and family. The sparkling lights everywhere makes it even more special because my kids are really fascinated with them. They always shout “Christmas lights!” whenever they see one.
kg said…
grabe sheng! that's a very nice place...I love that it's full of lights! it's really so Christmas-y! Kids [and adults alike] will love that. buti pa kayo may ganyan...
Perky said…
Christmas to me is all about family and spending time with them, and basically just having a good time.

Just thinking about the get-togethers is really making me wish that Christmas was here already :)
onyxx said…
wow. nice, colorful shots. i wish i could go back to being a kid again :)
teeni said…
This is a beautiful place - I'm so glad they go through all the trouble for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the pretty lights! It looks like your kids had a wonderful time. It is funny how all parents want to make Christmas extra special for their kids but I think you really got the point when you said that "This will be a special Christmas because we will be spending it together, with smiles in our hearts, even if our pockets are light. Christmas means togetherness and love in each of us!"
Nakakamiss ang Christmas sa 'Pinas! Especially in the province! (Hi, Sheng! I'm back!)
Blue Rose said…
beautiful lights sheng! me too, was not able to experience such thing when i was a kid. malayo din kasi kami sa city proper.

anyway, my daughter & hubby make my christmas so special this year. meron na akong little santa to cheer me up on christmas.
iluvgreen said…
when i was a kid my brothers and sisters used to bring me at COD cubao (now in greenhills) christmas display every year. Nakaktuwa ung mag ilaw ng kumukutitap, i posted a christmas float here in pasig, na post ko na. thanks dear. ingat
the donG said…
lucky lucky kids to have such a great mom who is making sure that christmas will be special for them.
REDLAN said…
swerte ng mga kids ngayon, andaming mapapanood tas madaming regalo. maswerte ang mga anak mo.
Ailecgee said…
Gensan is very lively! Children will surely enjoy the holiday season. Your kids are cute!
LOREN said…
I'm in the middle of holiday rush, but I'm dropping by to greet you a Merry Christmas Sheng anf to your family too!
Heart of Rachel said…
Wow, that's an amazing display of lights. How beautiful!
dodong flores said…
Wow, very beautiful night shots! I love taking night shot photos, too!
I was doing the same thing last Christmas, too! I'd love to share these to you. Please allow me to post the links here.

Off-topic: As for your question about how beautiful Lake Agco is, I'm posting a few photos of the place taken by my sister-in-law here in my website. You might be interested to visit the place. It's not that far from your present location ;)

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