The Valentine's Date

I am not really a super fan of him, not until Saturday.

When I met him, I thought of sloppy old love songs I hear on the FM stations, and I even thought of bringing my Ipod just in case he fails to meet my expectations. I was born a rock'en roll fan, and mushy love songs are somewhat in the seconds and thirds on my list, but he made me love it. He made me change my mind. And sloppy old love songs are lovable, this he made me realize.

Not only because of his voice, and his singing, but because of the awesome band he was with. Oh come on, I couldn't get a better band than what he brought, I was amazed! They were oh-so superb!

David Pomeranz Concerts are a must-see!

The songs have their own story and they tug the heartstrings. Every song I listened to were very nice, they were all worth listening to. And they make you realize what magic love can bring.

Take me to your heart
Show me where to start
Let me play the part of your first love
All the stars are right
Every wish is ours tonight, my love
Pity those who wait
Trusting love to fate
Finding out too late that they've lost it
Never letting go
They will never know the ways of love

(Got to Believe in Magic)

I was a man of conviction
Itchin' in pure over-drive
Burning both ends of the candle
Searching for meaning in life
Until that one night when it happened
You took my soul by surprise
And suddenly I knew the answer
There in the blue of your eyes
I learned it all from you.

(I Learned It All From You)

Doctor, my woman
Is comin' back home late today
Could you maybe give me somethin'?
'Cause the feeling is gone and I must get it back right away
Before she sees that I've been
Up, down, tryin' to get the feeling again
All around, tryin' to get the feeling again
The one that made me shiver
Make my knees start to quiver
Every time she walks in

And I've looked high, low
Everywhere I possibly can
But there's just no tryin' to get the feelin' again
It seemed to disappear as fast as it came

Read ev'ry book
Through every meditation and poem
Just to bring home
That old sweet sensation
But it ain't no use to me
To try to get that feeling again

Where did it run to?
I thought I'd done all that I could
Just to keep the love burnin'

I've been up, down
Tryin' to get the feeling again.

(Trying to Get the Feeling)

We're the king and queen of hearts
Hold me when the music starts
All my dreams come true
When I dance with you
Promise me you're mine tonight
I won't wait in line tonight
While the lights are low
I'll never let you go.

(King and Queen of Hearts)

f you walked away from me today
I am sure that who you were going to
Would feel the way that I do
Baby it's you
Who fills up my life
And if you walked away from me today
Never to return until the journey
That you made had ended
I know you planned it
Just to fill up my life

Fill my life
Till now
No one's been able to show me how
To fill my life like you
You are the woman who taught me to

(If You Walked Away)

I believed in fairy tales
In magic spells and wishing wells
And pirate sails
And once I thought I'd never fall in love
That shows how much I knew
I believed in Superman
In Santa Claus, the world of Oz
And wonderland
But one by one those fantasies have failed
While you keep shining through
I still believe in you

(I Still Believe in You)

There are nights
When I can't help but cry
And I wonder why
You had to leave me
Why did it have to end so soon
When you said that you
Would never leave me?
Tell me, where did I go wrong?
What did I do to make you
Change your mind completely?
When I thought
This love would never end
But if this love's not ours to have
I'll let it go with your goodbye

(Tell Me)

Here we stand today
Like we always dreamed
Starting out our live together
Night is in your eyes
Love is in our hearts
I can't believe you really mine forever

I feel rehearse in for this moment in all my life
So don't act surprise
If the feelings start to carry me away

On this day
I promise forever
On this day
I surrendered my heart
Here I stand take my hand
And I will follow every word that i say
On this day

(On This Day)

And on that day, I was in love, very much in love, with my hubby and David Pomeranz songs. And what do you know, my Ipod is overflowing with his songs! Haha.

How did your Valentine's Day go?


kg said…
wow! close kayo ni david pomeranz ha! :)

i grew up to his songs actually. sino ba naman ang hindi nakarinig ng "king and queen of hearts" during prom! theme song na ata ng mga prom yan eh! he! he! but lately, I haven't been listening to his songs...baka nasawa na ako!

have a great week sheng! :)
Jinky said…
hi, sheng!

Ganda ng post mo! nice pics din huh!

Chosen few talaga tau no. . . he he we were able to have our pictures taken with David Garcia, Jr. este David Pomeranz. . .

If you've got time, email mo rin ako pls. . .picture with him ha. . .

Thanks a lot! have a pleasant day ahead!

nb: my email
REDLAN said…
kala ko si hubby mo lang pinagbigyan mo magpapicture kay david. slow motion kasi ang pagscroll down ko. palagi lang kasi siya ang photographer. hehehe. kaya pang finale ka pala. whatta perfect date indeed!
witsandnuts said…
What a date! If You Walk Away is a very sad yet beautiful song. I've never heard his version of Tryin' to Get The Feeling. But I like this song, of Barry Manilow and bossa nova versions.
glenville said…
david pomeranz was here? aba at may photo op pa kayo ha! hehehe.
Asian Traveler said…
Hi sheng, I like that great shot of you and David. Good thing you enjoyed your valentine's date with your hubby. :)
dyosa said…
Uy si David Pomeranz. Parang kanin yan si Pomeranz eh, staple na sa diet ng mga Pinoy. :-)

I love his songs but never really got the chance to see him perform live. i hope he will still visit us next Valentine's and sana mapanood ko na sya. Glad to know you had a wonderful Hearts' Day. :-)
BlogusVox said…
Sheng, ilang fans ang binalya mo bago ka nakalapit at magpakuha ng pics katabi si David? : )
Blue Rose said…
wow! talagang kailangan may picture with David Pomeranz para sulit, db? hehehe

i'm so glad to know that you enjoyed your valentine date.
katcarneo said…
Wow, it seems as if you had a blast! I actually like the mushy David Pomeranz songs because they remind me of high school that proverbial first love.
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
Sheng, is that a plunging neckline with red trimming valentine concert outfit? Hmmmm. . .
Buti nakaconcentrate pa si kyaw sa songs ni dave p. hehehe
sheng said…
@Kg, Jo, glenville, Asian Traveler, dyosa, Blue Rose: I am also glad i went to see him and listened to him. He was oh-so-worth the VIP pass.

@jborela: ate jinky, i'll send you the pics sa email din.

@Red: Dapat meron din siyang photo ops with DP, hehe, palagi na lang siyang wala eh, hehe.

@Blogusvox: Wala naman akong binalya, hehe, the queue for the photo ops was kinda long but the people were so disciplined to wait for their turns, it was worth it naman.

@Kat: OO nga, pang highschool ang ibang lovesongs, but they were oh so cool. He makes high school love stories oh so kilig di ba?

@Sir Gilbert: Hindi naman, hehhee, without the jacket, i was just wearing a V-neck maroon shirt, ewan kung nagconcrate siya sa songs ni David, mas nagconcentrate ata siya sa pagkuha ng shots ni David, haha.
mordsith said…
at may picture pa kayo magkasama ah! kitang-kita ang pagka-enjoy mo sa ngiti mo. hehe. :)

i'm glad you had a great day!
Tanchi said…
great night ate sheng:)
the donG said…
wow sheng! what a great opportunity to have posed with him.

happy hearts day!
Kayni said…
wow, you met Mr. Pomeranz. it sounds like a great concert, and thank you for sharing the photos.
onyxx said…
wow. i can't believe dave p. has gotten this old already. "old songs" will always be one of my favorite :)
jeanny said…
uy close nga kayo. Inggit ako hahaha

I love his songs. Inggit talga ko :)
Rico said…
Excellent V day date! Plus a photo op with David Pomeranz pa!
prinsesamusang said…
oh wow so that was how v-day went huh? that is so cool! i think sometimes concerts are a whole different experience than just listening to the songs because by seeing it live the singer encapsulates himself unto the song making it more alive.
Sleepless In KL said…
funny how i know most of the songs without knowing who the singer is hehehe.

erm..i spend a good number of hours on valentine's day writing a review of all 4 twilight books ;)
huwaw!.ayos ang baleymtyn...parang kinikilig pa.he he he
joanharvest said…
I am happy you had such a wonderful Valentine's day. I am finally back to blogging. I don't know who David is but I guess I had better listen to him if you like him that much.That's a great photo of you and him.
Bem said…
uy! may pichur pa with DP! glad you had a great time, sheng!
princess_dyanie said…
Hi Sheng!

wow close na kayo ni david ah? (nakiki close din haha )

love ko mga songs nya lalo na yung got to believe in magic and born for you! im so happy for u na napanood mo sya yey! :)
Lantaw said…
wow may souvenir pics pa! :)
Heart of Rachel said…
It's great that you had the chance to meet him in person. A wonderful Valentine's date to remember.
teeni said…
Awww! Yay for you! I love the photos! How cool that you got to meet him and have photos! Your hubby is a sweetie! :)
caryn said…
sheng! inggit ako sa valentines mo! ;-) i was sick the whole weekend. sigh.
Wow sheng!!!! I missed the picture with David! Paiyak nga ako with his songs! hehehehehhe!

I copied 1 pic from you.hehehehe!
iceah said…
wow!nanalo ba kayo nakanood kayo c: am happy for you guys c:

di ako fan nya pero when I heard that his songs were his letters to his wife grabe natuwa talaga ako sa kanya masyado syang romantic sa wife nya I saw that years before nasa manila pa kami nakatira noon c:
Alice Teh said…
Wow, wow and WOW! Very cool photos! :D
Uy! Kakainggit naman yan ha! U both had a pose with him! Great pics!


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