A Different High... On a Saturday Gone By (Part 3)

This is the end of my Different High series... and this again, since we were on a Food Appreciation Tour with the Davao bloggers, is about...


After the lunch in Ranchero Grill Davao, we had enough time to go on a tour of Davao, we went to a certain coffee shop called Kasagingan, to kill time and be bummers because of our full tummies, and by 3pm, we were scheduled to go to Crocodile Park.

It was my third time to visit Crocodile Park and since I was already sleepy that time (I woke up before 4 am, remember!), I decided to stay in the car and sleep. By 6pm, the other bloggers who went inside the park were already back so we went to the city proper for the last meal of the day...dinner.

Ram's Lechon Manok

Ram's is an alfresco restaurant located a few meters away from SM City Davao. Along Quimpo Boulevard. Just a walk away, really. Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lito and Ruby Magtoto.

Before you go inside Ram's, at the entrance, you will see displays of the fresh seafood they will readily cook for you if you want to have sizzling hot foodies goodies served before you.

But since we were already booked for dinner, our table was already loaded with extra cool meals they have prepared for us.

the all-time favorite lechon manok
P120 -whole chicken

pancit bam-i
P150 - good for 4

Bam-i is a comnibation of pancit mami and sotanghon noodles with veggie overload. Healthy and super delicious, they have the best bam-i I have by far tasted.

P90 - good for 4

Lato, i dunno what it is in the English term but this happens to be a seaweed. Harvested fresh from underwater, preparation is easy since this is done the same way kinilaw is done, no more cooking. I am surprised that underneath this mouth-watering seaweeds is a favorite too, kilawin. Kilawin is grilled pork and sliced into pieces and added up with kalamansi and a lot of spice. A healthy pulutan especially for the Pinoys.

yummy squid rings in oyster sauce
P120 - good for 4

We were already eating good food when this beauty arrived in front of us, sizzling HOT. The owners were so generous to add this to our table. And we were already complaining of the many foods they have prepared for us.

Ram's winner white-marlin in sweet and sour
P150 - good for 4

I love the feel of the fish, you would never know it is fish. No fishy taste, and no fishy smell, sweet and sour just fit for the tastebuds. We never knew this was fish until we asked Sir Lito, the owner, of the names of the food we were eating.

After the sumptuous dinner we had, we were served fruits,OMG, food overload!

And again, the night was ours, with smiles on our faces. Satisfied and happy, we went back to Gensan with adrenaline high and food stories, I mean good stories to tell.

If you are in Davao, visit Ram's, good food, affordable meals.

Gensan blogger's group
with Davao's Lyle, Brendel and Migs, and CDO's Chiq


kg said…
sheng, ang sarap naman ng food nyo! kakagutom. you know what i distinctly remember about davao? sunflowers by the side of the road...parang shrubs lang. favorite flower ko kasi yun eh. :)

looks like you had so much fun! good for you!
mordsith said…
their prices look relatively cheap ha! the squid and the seaweed looks yummy!
witsandnuts said…
I'm curious to try lato. I'm not sure if any of the restos in Manila serve that. Feasty meal (with reasonable price) you've got!
Sleepless In KL said…
my salivary glands have gone to overdrive at the sight of all that food, especially the sweet & sour white marlin. *slurp*
REDLAN said…
oh my, daming pagkain. kakalunch ko lang pero nagugutom ako.
Leonard Pe said…
hmm sarap! food trip tayo uli!
Heart of Rachel said…
Wow, good food at such affordable prices.
the donG said…
pagpunta ko dyan. malamang isa sa hahanap hanapin ko ay ang masarap na sea food.

tuna syempre ang uunahin ko.
Reena said…
wow, looks delish! :)
Kayni said…
ay naku, i keep seeing all these delicious photos, and i can't stop thinking about all these food. they all look delicious.
katcarneo said…
This is the first time I've heard of pancit bam-i. I wonder if I can get that here in Manila.

I've tried lato in Cebu, although I didn't like it much. I am not so fond of anything raw.

The others look really yummy!
Blue Rose said…
aww! kakagutom naman. dami nyong pagkain ha. i like lato pero kung ako magprepare.
Garando said…
That's a great end to such an exciting event. I found it interesting that grilled pork is used for kilawin over there. In Manila they use raw tuna naman. The vinegar's acidic properties sort of "cooks" the tuna daw...
Oh, and I've tried kilawin seaweeds sa Bohol, I loved it too! Sana meron din dito... :D
e[k]stranghero said…
except for bam-i, i like all the food you mentioned! hayy.. missed dumaguete -- one of the places where i can have these food at affordable prices. :-)
Alice Teh said…
WOW, look at all the food! I'm hungry just looking at them!
I suddenly miss my hometown when I stumbled into this page full of good food. Hope you enjoyed Davao!
Rico said…
Great feast! Nothing like good food to bond with.
onyxx said…
hmm... looks like a good place to pig out when you're in the mood for it :). how are the prices?
prinsesamusang said…
oh wow litson manok! yum! nakatuwa naman may blogger group pa alam mo dito sa amin i think 2 lang kami na nagbblog! what a shame!
cpsanti said…
heehee. whenever you post stuff like this sheng, it makes me want to relocate to davao ;-)
Toni said…
sheng! the seafood looks sooooooo fresh! namiss ko tuloy ang dampa :)

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