A Different High... On a Saturday Gone By (Part1)

I am never this adventurous. But then again, i thought I should give it a try.

And so, although I am in my busy days, i could never let that lone Saturday pass without me joining the group.

I woke up at 4am, nudged the hubby to wake up, and prepared myself. I had to cook breakfast for the kids, prepare whatever food I can leave them with, had a cold shower, and dressed up and with my new sneakers, went with the hubby.

Where in the world we were going was also a question for me, but was very excited knowing it's a different adventure i am trying out.

It was the second day of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour and we, being delegates from General Santos were invited to meet other bloggers from Manila, Cagayan de Oro and of course, Davao.

So when we reached Davao City, we had a small stop at McDonald's to meet other bloggers and proceeded to this place...

Outland Adventure
Located in Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City.

The place is cool, lots of people, everyone full of energy and eager to try out the longest, fastest and tallest zipline in Asia. So there I was, getting myself ready for whatever comes my way. Hah!

So with the gears ready and placed on me, this is what I looked like with all the harnesses, and every safety device they have hooked on me.

We walked a little more than 20 minutes to a steep hill, and sHenG, still smiling.

Here's me, and in our Gensan group is Honey, the City Mayor's daughter and Romarie, presently crowned Miss Gensan.

While waiting for the wooden raft to transport us across the lake. The raft can carry at most 10 passengers so we waited while the first group was riding it to bring them to the hardest part of the adventure, the walking!

And after the crossover, the adventure requires you to walk a few good distance uphill, hmmm, 45 degrees? Maybe, because it was super steep, but made easier because of the trail that was laid before us.

Still displaying a smile but feeling tired all over, my knees shaking and knocking together.

Still walking, and my knees are already feeble.

A short stop on this sign, although very much spent up and feeling out of air. This made me smile, really, and made me think what a crazy adventure for a cheap thrill I am doing.

Gasping for air, I still went up, I cannot afford to go back and walk my way down.

When we reached the flat area where the platform for the zip is located, everyone waits for their turn to do the zip adventure. I chose the Superman style.

Hubby is No. 33 and I am No. 34. but I don't want to be left behind so I had to switch numbers with him, I went my way first. The zip is all for 15 seconds or so, almost a kilometer distance, and it was a killer thrill!

Here's Romarie flying her way!

And here's me! Superwoman! Ready to go!

The feeling was very high, ecstatic, I dunno, I can't explain it, and while doing the zip for more than 15 seconds or so, I cannot help but praise the Almighty Creator for the nice view I was looking down to. Everything was very nice, and magnificent, perfect. The feeling was good, and me flying and conquering one of my fears.

what i saw, while looking down!

I don't know where I got the strength to do it, or the courage to pursue what I did, but everything was well worth it. This trip to Davao was one of the things I never expected to do in my life, but I was able to overcome my fear of trying out extreme whatevers.

me arriving at the end of the zipline

If there's one thing I could muster with my strength all used up with this different high adventure, it's this: I wish I could fly.


witsandnuts said…
I was having an adrenaline rush I look at the 'flying' pix. I hope I'm brave enough to try stuff like this. I should one day. Heehee. Looking forward to the sequel of this post. =)
Garando said…
Ah! so this is what kept you busy! Ang COOOL!! I wanna try that too! 15 seconds is a pretty long distance na rin siguro no? Since you must have been zipping downhill quite fast.
So what's next? Bungie jumping na ba? ;D
Rico said…
Wow! Good going Sheng! We tried zip line too (among other things) when we were in Cagayan de Oro, and it was amazing!
sheng said…
Witsandnuts: Next post will be on food! Watch out for it, it will make you drool!

Garando: This is just a break from my busy days; I would love to try Bungee jumping, i hope meron sa Davao...
kg said…
good for you sheng! it's good to be adventurous once in a while! :)
caryn said…
sheng! homaygath! ang sya! what an experience! i honestly don't know if i could do that too ;-)
Blue Rose said…
what an adventure! you are so brave sheng. how i wish i have the same courage to try things like that.
paoruiz said…
i want to try this someday. =)
the donG said…
yihaa! ganda nga ng weekend mo sheng. i will definitely have a great time there at kahit malayo pa ang pagbabalik, malamang gagawin kong dalawang beses yan.
LOREN said…
You're all smiles in the pics! Kung napagod ka man, it didn't show. You really had a good time! I'll wait for the continuation of the story ha?
Reena said…
wow!! this is exciting! i've tried the zipline in CDO na. it was scary at first, but the adrenalin rush was just so unbelievably fun!

i want to try that. hay, more reasons to go visit davao again! :) how far is that area from the city? you mentioned Ma-a. malapit lang yun sa downtown diba?

HalfCrazy said…
Hi there, Ate! :)

Aww, thanks for all the photos! Now I want to go mountain climbing too! I only did it once and I'm not sure where. I don't remember if it was Batangas or Laguna LOL.

I love this Documentary sort of thing! It must be scary but fulfilling to go all Superwoman on that thing hahaha!
mightydacz said…
OMG!!!coolness!!!astig ayn excited na tuloy akong umuwi sa pinas sana masubukan ko sya pag uwi ko.
Jeni said…
Let me tell you this -even if I were 45 years younger and in good physical condition (which I am not now, being almost 65 years old ya know) there is no way you would ever have found me trying to do something like that! I am absolutely terrified of heights. I have flown in an airplane, yes -but that's different!
Also -thank you for visiting my place and commenting too! Come back and stay awhile.
Alice Teh said…
What an adventure, Sheng! And great pics too! :D
Lawstude said…
i am so envious. dong ho and i were talking the other day and that is one thing we want to do in davao. i have never tried that kasi when i was there a couple of years ago. sarap nyan.
javaqueen14 said…
Sheng, are you crazy? LOL! OMG, you have all the fun, I'm telling you! I'm so proud of you that you conquered your fear! I wonder if I could have done something like that. I don't think so. I'd be the one holding the camera taking all the photo's- I'd be the "official photographer" or at least that is what I'd call myself.
bursky said…
huwaw! this looks awfully familiar. nakasabay niyo ba mga to?


parang yan din yung place eh! :D
mordsith said…
If there's one thing I could muster with my strength all used up with this different high adventure, it's this: I wish I could fly. --- korek ka jan!

i also wanna try that. i think there's a zipline in Tagaytay, but your adventures seem more "adventurous." :)
Heart of Rachel said…
Bravo Sheng! That's a great adventure. I could only imagine the rush of that moment. Thank you for sharing these memorable and exciting photos.
REDLAN said…
Iba talaga kapag summer marami kang magagawa outdooor. Super exciting naman ang adventure mo. Hindi ko pa naranasan ang ganito. Im looking forward sa part 2.
jeanny said…
ah si Sheng kulit ng ngisi hehehe.

You go girl. tama yan. Enjoy while our body can, while our age can hehehe!

Enjoy the rest of the week dearie!
Homaygas! How fun! I'd totally do it too, except I'll probably pass out before the big leap. Either that or get an asthma attack! Go Sheng! :)
It looks fun, i just wonder if that zip thing could carry my weight.. hehe..
ang galing lipad darna lipad! he he he.:)
teeni said…
You really ARE Superman (well, SuperWoman, anyway)! That is so awesome that you were brave enough to do this! It looks like a lot of fun but I don't think I'd be brave enough! I am so happy you shared pics with us though. :) I like going on your adventures with you.
e[k]stranghero said…
wow! felt like i was actually doing the adventure. i can almost feel so tired going up, and believe it or not, i think i felt the wind touched my face and the ecstasy/bliss while you're flying!

i wish i can do this one of these days. imbitahan mo naman kami diyan. :-)

PS: can you say hi to honey and romarie for me? hehehe.
kaka said…
adventure overload! grabe i wanna try it someday. but i dont think i could open my eyes while "zipping away" hehe
Ayel said…
hala! nilupad si Ms Sheng! Waah! Naa-cultivate na pud ang akong pagka-inggitero.
prinsesamusang said…
wow nakakainget ka naman! that looked like so much fun!
princess_dyanie said…
ang tapang mo sheng! bigyan mo nga ko ng tapang sa heights! haha :P
katcarneo said…
Cool, Sheng! this is so much fun! You looked really happy in your pictures, and I'm sure you had a great adventure.
Ria Jose said…
Nice photos! :) Come back soon!
incoherent said…
Oh my! That looks awesome being suspended from that height. I'd like to try it. :-D
upto6only said…
wow you're really brave to try this one. i'll try this one when i visit davao again :)

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