A Different High... On a Saturday Gone By (Part2)

Davao Food Appreciation Tour or DFAT is a day of meet-up for bloggers. We in Gensan group, were invited to join the Davao bloggers for the DFAT Year 2. Also present were Manila bloggers and a representative from Cagayan de Oro.

DFAT Participants, March 14, 2009

After the successful Outland Adventure trip, everyone of us were all so hungry. We were divided into two groups after that. And the man, Bariles himself was lucky to have booked a food galore trip with Ranchero Grill Davao. With us were Davao bloggers Lyle, Brendel, Migs, Christian and Cagayan blogger Chiq.

Ranchero Grill
Tionko Avenue cor. Arellano St., Davao City

Function Room

We were all so lucky to be given first class accommodation and dined in their function room.

And the following pics are those foodies goodies we feasted upon. I cannot describe the feeling of having dined in a very classy restaurant, fine dining at its goodness. Everything was just excellent, the friendly waiters and the nice ambience. Everything in Ranchero Grill is worth a try. If you are in Davao, book a lunch here!

Seafoods Platter

This is uber delicious, me being a lover of seafoods is quite pleased that this platter was served right in front of me. Holy cow! Was I lucky?

Angus Feast Babyback Ribs

And speaking of holy cows, here's the best baby back ribs I have tasted, called Angust Feast, this made all of us drool. The hunger went away because of this, and speaking of the growling tummies we had, it was still grumpy when we went in; the grumpiness of our tummies were silenced by the Angus Feast.

Fried Quail

I was surprised to know that this little fried thing in our platters were quails. I have never tasted a quail in my life, except I guess for the quail eggs which are being sold on groceries and bus terminals. This one is a goody. Tastes like chicken, what do you expect?

Beef Pochero

I so love this saucy beef pochero they served us, went well with the crabs that was included in the platter.

The Feast Platter

You can get this whole platter, good for four persons, for only P750.00 depending on the dish inclusions on the platter. This platter included 2 large crabs, shrimps, vegetable salad, kinilaw, fried pugo and barbecue.

Ranchero's Yummy Kinilaw

Why is Kinilaw popular in Davao and Gensan? This is the question asked by Caryn, she was served with this famous kinilaw when she stepped in Davao last Juanuary. Probably because Davao and Gensan is famous with its Tuna Industry. We serve the best tuna belly, tuna sashimi, and other Tuna products.

Barbecue, every Pinoy's favorite.

Already loaded.

Gensan and Davao Bloggers

Already with smiles on their faces because of the sumptuous meal prepared before us.

Ranchero Rating: 5 stars!

Visit Ranchero Grill at Tionko Avenue cor. Arellano St., Davao City


cpsanti said…
sheng! sobrang inggit! that looked like a feast! natakam talaga ako sa seafood platter! mmm!
katcarneo said…
Wow! Ingggit! Inggit ako sa food, but most of all inggit ako sa bloggers meet! How I would love to meet the beautiful people I interact with online.

That seafood platter looks heavenly, Sheng!
ThePseudoshrink said…
Everything looks yummy!
Jeni said…
WOW! That was one heck of a feast for sure. Everything really looked fantastic.
BlogusVox said…
P700 for 4 persons? Mura na. Mura talaga dyan sa Davao, ano sheng. Nag laway tuloy ako doon sa grilled calf.
Heart of Rachel said…
It's great that after your adventure, you were welcomed with that yummy feast. The seafood platter and the baby back ribs look delicious. I haven't tried fried quail before but I do love quail eggs. :)
kg said…
sarap naman sheng! your faces at the end show how satisfied you were! nagutom tuloy ako bigla!
REDLAN said…
Great adventure, great event! Gatulok lang ako sang masinulub on sa mga pagkaon. hehehe. Paborito mo ba ang kinilaw? Kasi parang palaging present siya sa pictorial. Or specialty ba dyan ang kinilaw? Noon ayaw ko yang kainin pero ng matik an ko na, ,,,,,,, (tulo-laway)
witsandnuts said…
Aha! My much awaited post. =) You can just imagine the way I'm drooling right now. Heehee.
mightydacz said…
yipey ang inaabangan kong post ni sheng wow oh wow nakakatakam ang food at saka mura pa and the place is so cool and posh for that price hay sana mapuntahan ko yan thanks sheng
Lantaw said…
mouth watering :)

btw whats the details for the Lake Maughan trip? Can you email me at aebarredo[at]gmail.com? :)

jeanny said…
the sugba looks good. hmmmm....

Busy pa rin Sheng. Miss you!
Garando said…
Wow that's quite a feast! Haven't had quail in years so that photo brought back some good memories! I can't even remember how it tasted anymore... :D
the donG said…
astig talaga ng mga gensan bloggers. united and happy specially like sheng.
Perky said…
I've just had supper but looking at those pics, especially fried quail... *sigh* I'm kinda hungry again ;P
Kayni said…
This is so bad because all I can do is gulp air. I am dying to eat some really good Filipino food SOON. The barbecue looks so good.
teeni said…
Wow! What a feast! :)
LOREN said…
Ooooh..wish I could meet up with fellow bloggers myself.
Yeah, the seafood platter looks d best!
princess_dyanie said…
seafood platter! yummmy! :)

btw sheng, how long is gensan from davao?
Alice Teh said…
What a fun outing! The food looks delicious! I wish I was there... :D
Sleepless In KL said…
oooh! kinilaw! to die for!!!

btw, you rated the food 5 stars but you didn't mention anything re: the pricing. how was it?
prinsesamusang said…
waaaaaaa so much good food! penge!
javaqueen14 said…
You always look so happy- you get to see and do the coolest things it seems! Good for you Sheng!
lito said…
kainis! nakakagutom mga pagkain...a different high nga...by seeing the pics alone i can say that its a memorable experience of yours and the rest of the bloggers.
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
Hi Sheng, Davao's tuna are either from Gensan or Taiwan. Kaya nakikiambos lang sila sa tuna natin. :)
upto6only said…
wow when i went to davao last December we did not see this resto. sarap ng mga food :0

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