Gold Coins I don't have

Now, I have shown you once about my collection of coins and stamps and other stuffs including my love for postcards and other what-nots, and I have been in love lately with the quest for adding more to my collection.

There is this site that i have been loving to check from time to time because this can help me in my love for adding more coins including gold coins in my collection.

This site has proven to be legitimate and has given quality service in their gold coins and it is just my desire to have a gold coin too.

You can have access to other gold denominations too, and by giving yourself the desire to have gold coins and getting one for yourself, you might just be in love with your collection of gold coins you need not stop there, get yourself more.


kg said…
i would love to have gold coins, pero mukhang mahal.

would you believe, sheng, that in belgium, they sell gold bars in a store? para ka lang ata bumibili ng t-shirt. and i heard that there is this businessman who is planning to make a vending machine that sells gold? he! he!
renin said…
wow! you are a stamp collector. when did you start your hobby? how do you sort or what particular type do you collect?

I amasking because, I am starting my own stamp collection... ^_^

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