I Relaxed Too, Here

Welcome to Sarangani Highlands

Last week, we had a trip to Maasim, Sarangani Province, we brought along the kids and MIL in order to visit a long time family friend and in order to close a deal with her school for our ID business.

On our way home, we decided to drop by Sarangani Highlands, a hilltop plateau where fine dining and an extraordinary view is nestled.

Tabebs, nagpapacute

(You may click on each image for a larger view)

the kids posing with the carabao and its glaring eyes

the breath-taking view of Sarangani Higlands

Lovely indeed, this place is also where Little Miss Firefly exchanged I do's with KJ.

framing the falls

Relaxing with the kois

This is such a lovely place, good for muni-muni, some relaxing moments, and food-binging.

I enjoyed the place so much, we had an instant dinner there and we had to really check every corner of the place. It is so relaxing because it overlooks the sea, and some mountainous areas where you can see the sun setting.

Notice the view of the sea, just lovely

For romantic couples who wish to tie the knot, they have a beautiful garden. And they serve very delicious food too.

the beautiful view atop Sarangani Highlands

the resto, relaxing and enjoying the view while dining

They have very nice indoor and outdoor plants, you can have one pick for you and pay them up for a fee. They have very nice landscape that all you can do when you're there is to get amazed at everything you see.

place is good for family bonding

See our nice smiles, hehe, i enjoyed the bonding, though this trip to Sarangani Highlands is but very instant, the kids enjoyed the place. They had their eyes filled with all things lovely.

Wouldn't you want to go here too? It's only a matter of twenty to thirty minutes ride from downtown Gensan.

Sarangani Highlands
Tambler, General Santos City

NB: the husband?
yes, with us too, photographer...teehee


Blue Rose said…
wow! ganda ng place. glad to know that despite your very busy sked eh meron pa rin time for bonding with the kids and the in-laws.
sunny said…
ayoko na tignan! waaaaaaaah kakainggit,lol! sarap nmn dyan! whew! take care sheng!
mordsith said…
ang ganda ng place! from the pictures, i think it is better than Tagaytay Highlands.

btw, did you happen to see Pacman? haha. :)
Sleepless In KL said…
very nice! so that's where odette got married :)
BlogusVox said…
Oy, sheng, I just heard that somebody bomb the town plaza of Maasim while there was a celebration going on. I hope its just an "isolated case".
Rico said…
Ganda nya dyan sa Sarangani Highlands! That was where Odette got hitched!
the donG said…
the place is romantic specially the part where you get a table with a great view.
ganda ng lugar..ganda rin ng pond..paborito ko ang koi fish.
kg said…
sheng, the place looks so nice and relaxing! anything with trees and water is ok with me! :)

i saw some of odette's wedding pics...nice talaga!
ms firefly said…
yay, that's where i got married indeed! ^-^
my dutch family were very impressed with the view, and we had lovely lovely pictures on our wedding. kj and i are going back there for sure on our vacation.

thanks for sharing these pics sheng, i love it! will show them to kj when he arrives home. ^-^
Kayni said…
nothing beats the beauty of the sea...this is one great place.
jeanny said…
nice place. ganda nya. Wish I could visit there soon ;)
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
Hi Sheng,
Close as MSU is to this place, I still have to go see it for myself :(

BTW, the plant shaped shaped as a carabao is done thru a process called a topiary. :)
Bem said…
ang ganda, ganda sheng. ang sarap naman mag-relax dyan. i can see you had a really great time there.
REDLAN said…
Uy ganda magrelax dito ah.
Heart of Rachel said…
That is truly a beautiful place. Glad you had a terrific time with the family.
KittyCat said…
Hi! I'm a Malaysian living in China and we get our satellite TV via Dream TV , which means we watch a lot of ads and shows from the Philippines :)

Would love to visit Philippines one day esp as I have friends/colleagues who are from Manila, Makati City etc.

I'm always fascinated by the similarties between Tagalog and Bahasa Malaysia e.g. "carabao" is "kerbau" for us!

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