I was on TV!

During the launch of Productivity Olympics hosted by the Department of Labor and Employment together with the National Wages and Productivity Commission last June 16, I was very much glad to join because there were so many things I learned from their discussion, the media has asked a lot of interesting questions regarding productivity and they were all smiles when they ask their queries flashing their smiles in front of a Direct Tv where there was ABS-CBN and some other media networks holding their cameras.

It's not that I was there because of the media and not to mention the food but I wanted to be seen on DirectTV too. Haha! Yes, and my wish was granted, the camera spotted me and there I was, seen on DirectTV with Ate Jinky Borela, a DOLE employee who invited us in the press conference.

Now, this is good because this press conference they held was something that should really be shared on Direct TV, the Productivity Olympics for key generators in Sargen Area and creating an awareness of the Hotels and Restaurants Group here in General Santos in for an error-free and qualiyty service.

Later in the day, a friend of mine plurked it and said, "I saw Sheng and Inkai on Direct TV!"


kg said…
wow sheng! sikat ka na! pang-TV na ang beauty mo! :)
Blue Rose said…
hehehe. sikat na ang beauty mo sheng. naalala ko tuloy si hubby, noong madalas pa sya lumabas sa ABS-CBN at GMA. *extra lang naman* lagi nya ako sinasabihan, uy nood ka news mamaya andon ako.

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