Dream With ME

"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." -Anatole France

When I was a young girl, I dreamt of becoming a doctor, one who can take care of the sick, cure people's diseases, inject medicines to ailing people, but that never came true when I grew up.

Instead, my dreams became more realistic, like graduating from college, getting a job, and having a family. That dream came true, as I already have those things I have wanted to become, but I still dream, and I dream that someday, my family will become stable, and more content of the things we have, and that we be satisfied inhabitants of the earth.

I still dream that one day, when we retire, my kids will have the gift of LOVE, to take care of us even when we are old, and they will have compassion to others that they may share what we have instilled to them.

I dream that one day, when the time is right for us to close our eyes forever, I will leave the earth with peace and satisfaction, and that I am assured that people think of me as a good person, and when I get there, it will be heaven I will be seeing.

Happy Anniversary Odette,
more than a year, and it seems like yesterday
when we last saw each other at Dunkin' Donuts.


kg said…
naiyak naman ako dun sheng! so nice! :)
the donG said…
sounds so simple but those are the things essential to a person.

nice! i wonder who odette is? she's been to many blog post today.
princess_dyanie said…
for sure, your kids will love you and their father as much as you love them :)
Kayni said…
i understand when sometimes the dream you've had gets caught in reality. i never thought i'd end up where i am today as well. i really hope and pray your dreams will come true.
ms firefly said…
argh, i think i lost my comment!

thank you for this wonderful post sheng, i got so sentimental from reading all your dreams today.

you are a good person sheng, i know your kids will grow up to be wonderful people, because they have you as a mom. it is my prayer that your dreams come true and some more.

{{{hugs}}} daw kagapon lang gid man no? i miss you sheng!!!
Blue Rose said…
a very touching post sheng! i'm sure your kids will grow up as good as you are.
iceah said…
ngayon lang ulit ako nakabisita dito. I really love the way you write your thoughts and feelings at the moment c: Am sure your kids would be the way you raise them, loving I know c:

by the way, my hubby said that you look good in person than on your pics c:
mordsith said…
i am pretty sure you're children will grow up with the gift of love as they have been truly loved by their parents as well as their grandparents. :)

i wrote once in a slumbook when i was a kid when asked about my dream, "i wish to be remembered as one who tried to be good." you are good. i know that. :)
caryn said…
;-) aw, that's a very nice dream sheng. i'm sure that your kids will grow up with love in their hearts ;-) hugs!
Rico said…
You know it's never too late to make your dreams come true, to become a doctor, that is. Yun nga lang doble sa hirap. But the rest of your dreams, I'm sure you'll get them all.
Bem said…
naiyak din ako- *sniff*.very nice drean sheng!

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