First, Second and Probably More

My more than 15 years of living in Gensan proved that I am enjoying the place, the culture, the people, the events, and everything in it, but due to the lack of the chance, or rather some declined chances, I was not able to go to places some people have considered great places for fun and leisure.

Two past Sundays, we had the chance of visiting Olaer Spring Resort and it was an invitation I could not resist since:

1. I swear I have never been to this place yet, in my 15+ years of stay in the city.
2. A spring resort appeals to me.
3. It is cool to be spending a Sunday with family and blogger friends.

So there, the host, Ate Jinky, who owns the place, blogged about this once, and I can't help but want to visit this and see for myself the wonders of this place.

I heard of this resort a long time ago, but long way back, it hasn't been developed and well promoted.

Now, the place is exactly a beauty.

We went there early in the morning and admired its serenity, fresh springwater, lovely rustic settings, long pool with different height levels perfect for different ages, even less than a year old babies.

I was earlier warned that the water is cool, and I don't want to miss this dip and true enough, brrrrrrrrr, the water was very cool, and even until the noontime when the sun is up in the sky, no amount of sunlight has lessened the coolness of the water. My kids enjoyed the swimming, and Biboy's lips was quivering whenever he goes out of the water. Tabebs managed to play in the waist-level deep, and it's a good thing that Olaer is just 5 minutes near us, I can already bring the kids for a dip whenever they itch for it. It's basically a neighbor!

Biboy enjoying the cool water

Tabebs in a (knee-deep) dip

Sir Orman, Kyaw, Marz, Ate Jinky, Gay, kids, me, Bariles

Of course, I want to thank the lovely host and her family for sharing Olaer with us. My first time came up with a second one when Ms. Janette Toral came to visit us here in Gensan. We made her do a jumpshot in the cold water. I'm sure she enjoyed her short Gensan visit.

with Ms. Janette Toral

Yes, I will bring my guests here too. I already have a place to bring my visitors, a place which is just near me, and one that suits my fun and leisure needs. One thing I most love with Olaer Spring Resorts is the water, very fresh and clean. I can always open my eyes in the water and find myself swimming with the fishes, some freshwater crabs and shells.

Thanks too for the sumptuous breakfast you prepared for us Ate Jinks! Superb day it was!

my favorite! and yes, no more allergies!

grilled bangus, sarap breakfast!

Oh, I think I want a dip now. The kids love it, and I will definitely keep coming back.


witsandnuts said…
You gave us another reason to revisit/visit Gensan. The place is so refreshing. =)
upto6only said…
wow the place looks good. Sarap maligo nga sa spring. and the food grabe sarap.

hope i can visit that place next month. I might go to davao in August.
BlogusVox said…
Natural flowing water ba yang nasa pool? Ang sarap tingnan at ang ganda ng place. Very relaxing ang atmosphere.
sheng said…
@witsandnuts, balik ka uli dito.

@upto6only: you might want to do a sidetrip to Gensan City.

@blogusvox, yes, natural flowing water yan, nakikita pa ang agos mula sa pinakamalaking spring, so cold, and so fresh, malaki at mahaba ang pool na yan, may 8 feet pa nga ang lalim, pero in 45 minutes, puno agad yan. ganyan kalakas ang spring, madami din kasi lagusan ng tubig.
ang ganda ng pool parang natural ang flow ng tubig.
kg said…
i also love spring water! it's sooo cool, so refershing, so clear! haay, sana makapunta na ako ng gen san!
sheng said…
@everlito villacruz: fresh and free-flowing water talaga yan, ang lakas ng agos mula sa source, so clean, ang sarap pang inumin!

@kg: let me know when you get to visit, i will tour you around!
Daxi Weida said…
uy, did not know jinky owns the place! pagka na lang gyud nako..! memories of that place are now streaming back, makabalik na nga :)
ms firefly said…
i have sooooo many memories in olaer! almost everyone in msu-hs hangs out there. ^-^
Glenda said…
cute kids! the shrimps and the bangus had me at hello hehehe!
Blue Rose said…
wow! ganda ng place. sana soon makapunta rin ako ng gensan.
Jeanny said…
Nice place Shengskie. Hope makarating rin ako dyan :)
Reena said…
Hi. Wow, ganda nga dyan ah. The spring looks very enticing. Is it near the downtown lang ba?

So finally i've seen Ms Toral. Hehe. Wow, you're so lucky to have met her and swam with her pa! Hehe. :)
jborela said…
Thanks, Sheng Dearie!

Nice one, i luv it! he he, one of the owners lang ako ha he he. . .

feel free to visit there ha. . .you have the password. .
Rico said…
Mukha ngang maganda. Will tell about this sa mga realatives ni wifey dyan sa GenSan.
Pag pumunta kami dyan nila KG mag hipon feast tayo! hehe
Bem said…
sarap naman 5 min from your house lang!

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