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When I went to Cebu, I saw a college gay friend who invited me to join him for an afternoon snack at Pagcor Cebu. I was told that he was working there and he wanted me to go there during the afternoon because come dinnertime, a lot of customers will be arriving and he does not want me to be around them since I am not accustomed to what they do, especially the smoke part. Of course, we all know Pagcor is a casino, and I never really intended of going there because of the same reasons.

Now, why would I go to that place when I can already enjoy myself with online casinos. Online casinos have been very entertaining for some, poker and other stuffs played only at home. And other games and reviews, these casinos offer even more.

And when you deal with them, and play via the World Wide Web, you also meet foreign nationals who can play along with you, some from Denmark, Italy, France and España.

Now isn't that cool. Haha, if only I have the knowledge to enjoy casino, why not?


Lantaw said…
they invent lots of ways to get your money haha

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