Poker Face, Haha!

Hubby is into online gaming and much more enjoys the company of internet addicts who play with him his latest addiction: poker.

Much as I am into online gamings too, there's basically nothing of much value that interests me in poker. But I really do not understand how that poker game is being played. And there's so much complexities that I think I need help in reviewing them, so I better get ready and ask for help using PKR Review.

And I guess, after that I have been deeply attached into poker, and checking the loops and hooks of poker life, I will need some Poker Codes and get that with much help using PKR Bonus Codes.

After that I have made myself subdued into poker, wait till I tell you when I'd get that Bonus! Haha!

Online gaming is time-consuming, but it is sure time consuming in a good way, I see hubby enjoying the net, and while I enjoy my FT moments, he's got for himself some poker moments.


magaling ang kasama ko dyan, teka nga at madetalye sa kanya.
Gracie said…
I have never understood poker either...para bang pusoy dos yan? Hehehehe!
Garando said…
I never got the hang of poker. I keep forgetting the rules. Pero sa pusoy dos hustler ako. :D

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