State of the Nation - for the middle class

Life is...

Leaving the house in the morning,
dressed in clothes you bought on credit card for work,
driving through the traffic in a car that you are still paying for,
putting in fuel that you cannot afford,
in order to get to the job that you hate
but need so badly so that you can pay for the clothes,
car, fuel, and the house that you leave empty the whole day,
and trying to pay in 25 years,
in order to live in it.

Harsh reality? Yes! And a challenge too!

Please try so much to get yourself out of this situation.


kg said…
kaya nga gusto ko bumili ng trailer house eh. para car/house in one. madadala mo pa kahit saan! so kahit papunta ka sa work, dala mo! he! he!

but na lang i don't hate my work! i actually and honestly feel blessed to have it. :)

have a great week sheng! mwah!
mordsith said…
correct ka diyan! life has been challenging at best for most Filipinos. i can only imagine the SONA of the impoverished.
witsandnuts said…
That's a stressful situation, huh. But reality bites. But there's still hope.
Jeanny said…
I must agree..everything you said are so true. frustrating indeed. SO being positive will be the key to make our lives more lighter (kahit sa thoughts lang) :)

Enjoy life to the fullest despite of those hardship!

Take Care Shengskie!
Lawstude said…
i wanted too so badly. i just can't...
siyetehan said…
very well said.

anyway, at least may car :D
naku, sinasabi ko na nga ba..
pareho tayo ng iniisip.

ganun talaga ang buhay,parang life!
Rico said…
Haha! Ngayon lang yan. With hard work, kaya yan!
the donG said…
hard work hard work while others are playing with what we have been earning and contributing to the nation.
Anonymous said…
grabe ako kakasimula ko pa lang magwork ganito na din ang outlook ko ugh!

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