President Corazon C. Aquino

When the country seemed to tumble down because of dictatorship,
you were there to sacrifice your privacy and family,
and return the country back its freedom.

When all Filipinos seemed too angry to think clearly,

you were there to calm a ravaging nation, and lead the country into prayer.

When there seemed no hope in the administration's system,
you are there helping us to salvage a rotting system.

I salute you for being humble, simple and true to yourself.

And yet, a woman so just and giving, such a woman of substance.

Thank you, President Corazon C. Aquino.


Lawstude said…
Truly a great loss. May she rest in peace.
Reena said…
Wow, what a great poem! Thanks for sharing this Sheng. I read a poem she wrote too somewhere. I hope i'd fins that too.....Anyway, may she rest in peace.
Rico said…
Natawa naman ako dun Sheng! Pareho na nga tayo ng topic pati ba naman sa pic?! Great minds truly think alike ;)
Glenda said…
Indeed, thank you. For ending the Marcos dictatorship and restoring democracy in the Philippines. RIP Cory Aquino.
the donG said…
may she find peace. we will never forget her role in the EDSA revolution.
umaapaw ang dilaw sa hangin!
di makakalimutan!
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
The yellow fever continues :)
kg said…
i know she's happy where she is. the fight is over. at least, and where she is, there is no more pain. :)

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