When it Rains, It Pours

Feeling lucky, yes, that's me. And I thank God that whatever I did to get these things, I think that I made Him happy.

For one, I love love winning raffles, the first time was when I won a Tech Tote bag from J's Curly Blogoversary and I also joined The Jane Austen Book Club hosted by Jo of witsandnuts.com
and won a Mr. darcy Eco bag and pen, and the ever reliable bookmarks!

And now, another one of those love, hehe... I won Odette's first Ireland Anniversary giveaway. Thank you to everyone of you, I may be in luck, really, but I am sure you will get some luck too.

Thanks to everyone!

And on another thought...

When it rains, it pours, as they say. When we got our Side A tickets, we only had a gen. admission so we were supposed to watch Side A at the topmost benches of the gym. Funny that when we went to look for our companions, a friend texted me to look for somebody and when we found him, he said we will be ushered inside the near the front row seats. Boy, the next best thing! Teehee, and yes, we did, we were inside the gym, as if we had the Gold tickets!

Watching the concert was a good move since we were in doubt of coming because hubby is at a brush with flu. But he did anyway, just to satisfy my desire of watching one of my most favorite Pinoy premiere bands.

Joey G, on one of his highest notes.

Some pics of us when we were enjoying the night away.

and while they were performing...

Gensan bloggers

with Ms. Gensan 2008, Romarie

and I was really jealous because I wasn't included in this group because the guard couldn't admit as many of us and I was the only one left outside, hubby took the photo.

but this is what made my night, a solo pic with Side A,
and this is the thing the others didn't get as well. Haha!

Forevermore Rocks!


Reena said…
wow, solo pic with the band!! hahaha.. sayang nga wala ka nung isang group pic.

looks like you had the best time...good things happen to good people. :)
the donG said…
congratulations! looks like you really had a good time.

you've won a lot of contests! galing.
Cidy said…
congrats sheng! parang ang Side A Band nagpapicture sayo..hehehe!
upto6only said…
congrats sheng you deserve it.

inggit ako may picture ka with side A.
JavaQueen said…
Sheng, you ARE lucky- and they say "what goes around comes around" and since you put out such goodness it's no surprise to me that it keeps coming back around to you :) How exciting you got to have pictures taken with a band you love, good for you! You look so pretty in all the pics, thanks for sharing them :)
Bem said…
you truly deserve all those blessings sheng! congrats!
gie said…
Wow! Congrats, Sheng! I love Side A and I just envy you for having the chance to watch them...much more have a solo pic with them. :)
kg said…
we were just talking about you sheng. y0u are one lucky gal! as in! but you deserve it. :)

side A? grabe..swerte talaga! :)
witsandnuts said…
Good things happen to good people. =) Wow, inggit ako gusto ko rin ng pic with Joey G.! Haha. I saw him in a concert nung college pa. =)
REDLAN said…
Ang pinakafave kong kanta nila is Forevermore. Natawa ako sa caption mo. dalawa pa ang solo mo sa side A. lol.
naalala ko nung time na nag-aaral ako college day(talagang pinaliwanag.he he he),aniversary ng school una kaming tumugtog tapos sila yung finale(side A)..sabi ko tatagal ang bangdang toh. magagaling at down to earth!

swerte naman ni sheng!
BlogusVox said…
Mukhang puro "gimik" tayo ngayon sheng ah!
Blue Rose said…
wow!*clapping* congratulations sheng. you are so lucky! and you really deserve it.
Garando said…
Congrats Sheng!! Galing ah, you got backstage passes to the SideA concert as well. ;)
attyjurita said…
grabe lucky you have pics taken with dem...haba lang ng hair...sheng i have blog narin finally

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