18th Mindanao Business Conference

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Business as usual, maybe, but that would be more interesting if we here in the Southern Mindanao learn more about our businesses, and how we have the chance to aim for progress and improvement in our businesses.

Southern Mindanao, being a progressive area in Mindanao, is the venue for the 18th Mindanao Business Conference. And we here, would like to invite you for this big event that will happen come September 17-18. With lots of respective speakers to speak about totality in the business world, and the movement of Trade and Industry in the country, we invite you to be part of this experience.

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orman said…
the gensan chamber of commerce will be sending a delegation to the 18th MBC. kasali ako dun. looking forward to pumping hands with members of the other chambers!
Anonymous said…
"With lots of respective speakers to speak about totality in the business world"

Hanep sa words medyo oxymoronic, Nag sasarili nanaman kayo, bariotic pa rin ang dating nyo without the bigger citis in Mindanao like us in CDO and others in Davao and Zambo
Anonymous said…
I heard it was pretty pathetic conference, what do you expect from PCCI supported morons, where's next year's conference, Wao or Kidapawan?

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