Gensan City's Traffic Lights System - Our New Baby

Once when i was in Cebu, there's this place in Colon Street where all pedestrians needed a shove in order to concentrate to where he/she's going, the traffic there is just so heavy that I couldn't believe my eyes taking a look at all the crowd passing by. I have never experienced being along with that huge crowd, and waiting for the go of the lights until everyone moves along.

Funny it may seem, but I was truly amazed at what a traffic light can do.
Now, here in General Santos City, we welcome a new baby, the traffic lights signal system. Yes, years back, we have been gifted with a traffic lights system but that was only located along Pioneer Avenue, an area where most traffic is seen daily because of the surge of students near that avenue.

Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio (in red) with some Local Government Officials.
photo by Bariles

Now, thank goodness, it's located in one of the busiest streets of Gensan, the National Highway. Located near the junction of St. Elizabeth Hospital and the National Highway, this will surely be a big help in disciplining our pedestrians in crossing the street and our drivers in carefully manning their vehicles in order to allow traffic to flow properly.

Here's our City Mayor, for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, together with our local government officials.

The City Mayor with a priest for the blessing of the Traffic Lights Signal System, followed by our petite but intelligent and strong-willed congresswoman Darlene Anotonino-Custodio.

Way to go General Santos City! I salute the local government unit and the officials of this big city for doing a great job. Envisioning a bright future with the use of proper road safety is one key to a successful and prosperous city. Mabuhay Kayong lahat!

So for those who want to visit Gensan, it's almost Spetember, get your tickets ready for the Gensan Tuna Festival Experience!

**Photos by the hubby, unless otherwise stated.


Laya said…
Oh, how nice. I noticed the traffic lights at Pioneer the last time I was home. Buti naman nadagdagan ehehehe. Go Gensan go! Nahomesick tuloy ako bigla!
Lantaw said…
astig ang gensan! ma trapik na hehehe
Reena said…
matraffic ba sa gensan? :) congrats to gensan! :)
Cidy said…
Yehey! Sa wakas may traffic lights na dyan banda kasi nakakatakot yung malalaking trucks.
BlogusVox said…
Your congresswoman could have achieve more, if only she kow-towed to the administration. A virtue common among principled people.
Blue Rose said…
yay! for the new trapik lights system there. way to go GenSan. laking tulong yan!
mabuti naman. hope na sundin naman ang batas trapiko..:)

nakita ng inyong pahalaan ang halaga nito. mabuhay!

teka para akong kakandidato.he he he.:)
kg said…
i hope the new traffic lights will bring benefits to gen san! minsan kasi lalo pa nagtratraffic dahil sa traffic lights.
ms firefly said…
that's good news, i was always afraid to cross that road, from jollibee to landbank! ^-^
jeanny said…
Congrats Gensan. Dito sa Manila, daming traffic lights yung iba hindi gumagana kaya laging traffic pa din hehehe
jeanny said…
Congrats Gensan. Dito sa Manila, daming traffic lights yung iba hindi gumagana kaya laging traffic pa din hehehe
Rico said…
Buti naman. Alam mo big deal din yung street names and signages. Isa sa mga good projects dati ni Atienza dito sa Manila yung mga ganun. Mas madali maghanap ng mga lugar kapag may ganun eh.
Lawstude said…
miss ko na tuna ng gensan :)
witsandnuts said…
I only can imagine now. It's been more than 5 years (?) since I went there. Long live Gensan!
katcarneo said…
Yay! That's good news. I'm a big fan of traffic lights because, err, I can never cross the streets on my own without them!
Garando said…
Congrats! I'm impressed at how much attention the traffic light received. This symbolizes how much of a priority road safety is in Gen San!
Though we have a lot of traffic lights and signs in manila, these are always taken for granted and ignored by reckless public utility vehicles. :(

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