My Reading History: How I Came to Love Books

I was in my second grade, I have been frequenting my Tita Carmen's house, because during that time, she was very fond of me. She was truly generous to me, and was shoving me a lot of books in her library, she wanted me to READ. Tita Carmen is my Dad's cousin, good thing is, they are the rich family who lived upon shelves and shelves of books, and was teaching me to love books as much as she does.

We are not as fortunate as they are so I would always hop on over to their house, and borrow her books. She brags about her daughter, Ate Jing who has been a bookworm as she was the one who owned all the collections Tita Carmen has been keeping.

My first ever read:

The Cat in the Hat, is the first ever book I have come to love, I have loveD Dr. Seuss and all books he has written. Until in Grade 3, Tita Carmen upgraded my reading to this:

I remember the first Nancy Drew book (Caroline Keene) I read was, The Secret of the Red-Gate Farm, followed by Secret of the Old Clock. I had a lot of books, and Caroline Keene has been the best author of my younger years. When in grade four, I was among those kids who enlist themselves in the reservation of borrowing the books. Iwas really making my way to getting a bit closer to the librarian in order for her to enlist me first. Bess, George, Nancy and Ned kept me company during my elementary days.

And then, come the guys' version of Nancy Drew, I also devoured Hardy Boys. Frank and Joe Hardy were among the first crushes I have. And of course, I wouldn't forget that these Hardy Boys books were the ones who made my first ever crush to notice me. I was in my first year high school then, the crush knew that I was collecting HB books and he was borrowing them from me, until I got hold of my copy of the The Secret Warning. He borrowed it from me and when he returned it, I was able to decipher a code he placed inside the book's pages and it read: Your simple beauty reflects your true personality. Some of the books I lent him had contained his feelings professed inside the book's pages. Haha.

Oh Hardy Boys, my Hardy Boys

When I was in my third year high school, my bestfriend already introduced me to Danielle Steel. And I fell in love with her stories as she kept one wanting for more.

Sidney Sheldon was a favorite of mine, and I started reading his novels when i was in first year college. I ended up college ending all his books in my memory. I have kept a few of his books, but I swear, I read all of them. Except his autobiography, The Other Side of Me.

I loved all Shedlon's books, and after him came John Grisham, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Stephen King, the ever favorite Harry Potter, and who would ever forget my obsession to The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer.

I became member of the Jane Austen Book Club hosted by Jo of Wits and Nuts, and this introduced me to classical flicks too, also introduced me to more classical love until I became in love with Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Seriously, very Bella Swan-y.

My blogroll also contains people of different variants, with different love, but most of them love books as much as I do, Toni of Wifely Steps introduced Paulo Coelho to me, and thanks to Blue Rose for giving me a copy of Brida.

But as of the moment, thanks to Sir Gilbert of KnowRead-KnowRight for giving me a lot of readables, some of them done, and some untouched yet (but waiting for my free time which is to come really really soon already!).

He has given me From Altoids to Zima, a bunch of ebooks, Mitch Albom's Five People You Meet in Heaven, and a lot more. And the latest I have been reading:

This book is just SO ME, for the moment as I have a lot of books in my shelf, but I got so little time for reading. Currently, yes, I am reading, as always, but not the novels, the stories I'd love to gobble up, but different science workbooks, dictionaries, textbooks that I have been editing and beating deadline through. Wish me luck that this gets done ASAP, as I really am in need of a good long vacation.

Eh, Palawan, here I come?

So tell me, how's your Reading History?
Come on, I wanna know!


Reena said…
i can still remember my first book but i trashed it na. sayang pala. but it was a baby book. haha..

i love nancy drew books! my first ever read was the mystery of the 99 steps. lol. i'm hooked with those kinds of stories. i think i still do now. :)

i like jane austen too. except that i enjoy watching the films more than reading them. haha
I grew with Nancy Drew too, my first book was The Clue of the Broken Locket. I read the Dr Seuss series at a much younger age, I think around 5-6 yrs old ako. Pati Young People's Science Encylopedia, I had a whole set kasabay ng Dr Seuss series. Yung mga experiments na kaya kong gawin at home, ginagawa ko na then. Kaya siguro nasa science field ako ngayon.
witsandnuts said…
The only Coelho I read is The Alchemist. Let's see if I'd be able to flip through Wuthering Heights this year. Too many pending reads. =)
BlogusVox said…
In my formative years, I learn to love reading thru komiks. It was not "Pepe and Pilar" that awaken my interest in reading but Wakasan and Lamor. I move on to Marvel and DC and graduated reading MAD and Asterix the Gaul.
sheng said…
@reena: I remember that 99 steps, one of the books I lent, na ayaw kong ibalik, sarap kasi ulit-ulitin.

@Gay Carillo: haha, very much in science, nabobore ako sa science eh.

@wits and nuts: I read The Alchemist, By the River Piedra, I sat Down and Wept, I have Brida, and is wanting Veronika Decides To Die.

@Blogusvox, I love MAD too, sa comics naman, I still have a collection of my Archie and Jugheads, nasa anak ko na ngayon.
jeanny said…
I started loving books at a younger age. I remember my aunt reading mills & boon. So whenever naiiwan yun sa house, nakikibasa na rin ako ;)
I love sweet valley books.
I love sophie kinsella-here shopaholic series.
I love paolo coelho-his alchemist, by the river piedra, Veronika decides to die and The Devil and Miss Prym are some of the books I finished reading.
REDLAN said…
I love to read books too. Kinokopya ko pa nga ang mga magandang linya sa libro. Sad to say, wala na akong time magbasa ngayon. Nakabasa rin ako ng Sidney Sheldon's books. Ang unique sa kanyang libro ay naiimagine mo yung binabasa mo...every scene. John Lloyd Cruz introduced me to Mictch ALbom's book. Yung Five People You Meet In Heaven hanggang ngayon di ko pa natapos. ANd it's twilight na-fall in love ako kay Edward C. lol.

Mukhang library na ang bahay nyo ah. Pwede ba magbasa dyan overnight? hehehe
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
Hi Sheng,

Ngek! Starring pala ako dito sa blogpost mo!

Anyway, I'm just too happy to have found a bookworm in you.

Keep reading and blogging!
onyxx said…
i started out with nancy drew, too -- followed by hardy boys, bobbsey twins, trixie belden, etc. then i got acquainted with the classics (because of my excellent english teacher). nobody really encouraged me to read. i was just curious. then i got promptly awed, delighted and engrossed by just how much could be squeezed into those pages. i got hooked right away!

i consider reading as something essential in my daily routine, even until now :)
pepe and pilar ang madalas kong basahin dati.:)
Lawstude said…
i love reading. put me in an island with a book tom read and i am ok.

palawan? yoohoo.
sabihin mo kay tita mo, ampunin na nya ako..ahehe
princess_dyanie said…
i love coelho and albom. my 1st coleho book was the alchemist which i think i read for only a day.

have u read tuesdays w/ morie by albom? this book really brought me to tears. if u haven't, u can try to check it out.

i haven't read veronika decides to die. i was able to check its trailer - baka movie nalang panoorin ko hehe ;)

currently, i'm into joyce meyer's book. its an everyday devotional readings. :)
kg said…
wow, dr. suess ha! intelectual ka sheng! :)

i really don't remember how i came to love reading. but i'm glad i did!
liezl said…
maka-relate man ko ani sheng...nancy drew ug hardy boys akong mga fave books sad una. katong hardbound type pa. karon baya medyo ginatamad nako magbasa but i'm encouraging myself to read pra maging example sad kay cache :)

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