Siomai Recipe - Following Jeanny; and a Lot More

Friday: Grab A Crab Lunch and Taaz Bar Dinner with Friends

I received a text from Bariles, inviting me for lunch with Donna Mae and her family at Grab a Crab. It was my first time meeting Donna's family and they were so friendly too. His dad is an enjoyable conversationalist and one who doesn't look down on people despite their wealthy status in life. They really are a bunch of nice people.

Her Mom, a Farm Town addict like me, even invited us for dinner too, to which we promptly agreed to go and try their premium red coconut wine. Ahhh, twas heavenly.

premiun red coconut wine: in short, bahalina!

I only had a shot though, and I was already red all over my face. Swabe!

Dinner went by with a nice band singing for us at their bar, and although we missed her Mom and Dad to a party they went to, we sure had fun.

Oven roasted chicken and a bunch of steamed talong, okra with bagoong.

Grilled tilapia, ahhh, delectable!

Enjoying a hearty dinner with Donna Mae, Emman, Sir Gilbert

Saturday: The First Shot at Siomai

Weeks ago, I read Jeanny's post and it included a favorite of mine and the hubby's. She has featured her siomai recipe, and i decided of preparing one for the kids and hubby. However, it was not until last Saturday that I ended up mincing carrots, garlic, pepper, and some stuffs for the siomai I did. With all my heart, i followed Jeanny's recipe and all it took me was the aroma in order not to sleep on the wrapping.

Although not that perfect, it was considerably good. And here's the siomai I did. But hop on over to Jeanny's post for the recipe. Thanks Jeanny!

As I watch Hubby, indulging on the freshly steamed siomai, it made me remember about the chili sauce which he so loves. And for the lack of it, I decided to slice some calamansi, and snagged bits of fresh sili from the garden, and presto! Our weekend is one huge siomai overload.

Sunday: Siopao and Pasta Overload

Hubby made logos for Bariles Republic, and in return, he gifted us with Joann's siopao, the best in town. We decided to share it with Gay, and while there, she also made pasta for us. Ooohlala, this is the reason why my tummy is getting bloated everyday, haha!

Us overloaded with siomai, we shared these stuffs with them.

Joann's beef siopao, yummeh!

Gay Carillo's pasta chili fetuccine

So there goes my weekend! Mukhang Fiyesta ba?


iluvgreen said…
sheng, nakakagutom, nag d diet pa namn ako, parnag gusto ko tuloy kumain sa dampa and kamaayan sa palaisdaan..
upto6only said…
wow sarap ng weekend mo fiesta galore nga.
jborela said…
sarap! na miss ko to ah!
kg said…
i saw the tomato/salted egg/bagoong with the chicken! grabe! favorite combination ko yan! deadly pero super sarap!
Yummybite said…
Sheng kakagutom. siomai is one of my favorites! di yan nawawala pag nasa chowking ako dito. dun lang kasi may siomai eh. huhuhu...and yung pasta, looks very yummy!
witsandnuts said…
Naku, nakakagutom. Risky talaga magbloghop pag lunch time. Palaging nade-defer yung plano ko mag light lunch dahil sa mga nakikita kong food sa blogs. Fave ko siomai. =)
lito antoque said…
yea...nakakagutom naman definitely had a wonderful weekend with friends and yes with good foods.
Hi Sheng, it was great having you all around. Next time ulit :)
Kayni said…
wow, sheng, you had a fiesta weekend. i'm just salivating here =(. hope you're having a great week.
Jeanny said…
wow galing galing ni Sheng!!! Glad you love the siomai.
The rest the photo made me hungry naman. Craving for siopao....hmmmm!!!!
Reena said…
wow! fiesta!! now you're making me crave for siomai!!! :D
Garando said…
Galeng ng pangalan ng resto ah, Grab a Crab! :D
Congrats on the very delicious looking siomai and siopao! Galeng! Alam mo ba na Garandee tried making siopao a couple of years back? Sobrang tigas lumabas na you can actually kill someone if binato mo sya ng siopao ni Garandee. LOL :D
pogi_chub said…
ginutom ako! kaines hindi ako nakasali sa inyo!
fiesta nga..sarap nung carbonara..fav ko yun!
eks said…
ang masasabi ko lang:

nakakagutom!!! :-)
Fine Life Folk said…
Wow nice food pics. Fiesta is all in the mind. Looking at the treats you sampled made me salivate. That siopao looks so soft and delicious.

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