Spellings Matter

I have long been following some of my friends' blogs and looks like some of them have nice experiences with different topics from the Philippine Star.

Before, Jo of WitsandNuts had this post on her blog entitled Was that Indicative Plagiarism? And most who read that, turned PhilStar's leaves in order to get ahold of the article. After that, the apology came out.

A few months after that, another writer-plagiarist came out in a different article about Metallica.

What I am going to share to you now, is not one that if of the same wing as plagiarism but the sensitivity of the writers in PhilStar to comments given them.

This friend has been a writer of so many articles already, and is quite OC in spellings and other stuffs re: Journalism. Of course, we must be OC especially in our readings, because for me, spellings matter, we were all told to check our spellings even when we were in pre-school.

This is really a petty subject though, but you might want to check it out here in order to know the details.

True, had the writer been subjective and taken the matter lightly, and corrected and thanked the commentor, it could have ended right there and then, but then, I guess he was too proud to admit the mistake, and disapproved the comment, but still made that correction anyway. The comment I say, was of pure intention to correct the spelling and not to do anything negative to PhilStar.

Hay, I guess we really have to observe proper standards in our writing, and not to mention Good Manners.

No one is perfect, we sometimes make mistakes, but when we make mistakes and others have corrected us, let us be thankful. These corrections are there to help us achieve excellence.

Perfection is a destination no one has ever been to, that's why God gave us eyes to see others' mistakes, but has given us the mind to think what we must rightly do.


JavaQueen said…
Sheng, you are the smartest girl I know. You have such a peaceful, loving heart - I don't know how you know all these important things and you are so young! I think if someone can admit they goofed up- it's huge to be able to do that. I have a few girls in my office that simply CANNOT BE WRONG --- E V E R! It's so annoying because everyone makes mistakes! We're all just human as you noted! Love ya Sheng!
witsandnuts said…
I read the blog yesterday after you shared the link via Plurk. The acknowledgment from the writer and/or editor is what's needed. And that should have been short and simple. But it went beyond that and became argumentative. I hope they'd find closure to this.
writing is perfect even there are mistake or typo error, otherwise all have different style in making on it.sometimes we can see others, writing in their mind on their heart not on a piece of paper, for me as long I understand what they intentions. I probably agree on what they will write, spelling is important but not us important us the information that the writer had.

Kagaya nito sa comment ko. May mali sa pagkakasulat..:)
BlogusVox said…
I read the post and, IMO, tact, if applied by both parties may have prevented mis-understanding.
upto6only said…
you're correct. we need to check everything we post specially if it will be read by the public. And if one made a comment and you know it is appropriate only, try to accept it and thanked that person because it shows that there are people reading your stories. hayyy ang tao nga naman..
Rico said…
I agree with you, a simple thank you would have suffice.
mordsith said…
A simple acknowledgment would have been far more better. :)
katcarneo said…
Well, had I been the one to spot the spelling error, I would've called the attention of the writer in the most polite way possible. That's just me---I'm a teacher and that's how I correct people. I think the commenter in that story shouldn't have used that phrase "sleeping on the job" and the moderator shouldn't have disapproved the comment and then made the changes in the article without acknowledgement.
kg said…
people react differently to different situations. i guess the editor of TPS reacted and acted in a way he deemed right and in the best interest of the newspaper, which we lay persons would not really understand. our tendency is to react violently at once; i might have reacted in the same way. a consolation is that the editor dealt with it in a professional manner.

as with the spelling, being an editor, i can say that spellings do matter, yes, because that is what we do. but i guess for me, it's not really an end all. i've always believed that mistakes do happen, and i can be very tolerable of these small "spelling mishaps", as long as these are very, very minimal in cases like these nga lang, being a major publication, pag naulit, ibang usapan na. baka naman kasi hindi kasama sa spell check nila ang Sarangani. :)
Garando said…
I guess I've learned to have a big tolerance with spelling and grammar. Specially when Garandee sends me text like... "Do! Please pick up at grolieta entlance. I already buy the picre."

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