Is Metro Manila sinking?

Shifting from one channel to another, torrential rains and water is on the news. Yes, water, floodwater.

I feel sincere pity to those greatly affected by this disaster. Although i feel their pain, i can do nothing but wait and pray that they are fine and out of harm's way.

I have blogger friends there, but I don't know of relatives who are residing in the areas affected by the flood. I have close friends too who are there for such a wrong timing. I was even invited to join them for the Bar Opps. They came in Friday and Saturday was a shocking state to them as Manila is greatly flooded and the downpour just won't stop. Worst of all, the bar exams is scheduled for the next Sunday, and they can do nothing about it but get their lives out of the metro as soon as the flights in the airport are back to normal. So for those who will tackle the last exams of the bar, it's a prolonged agony for some but another joyous moment for some as they can still continue the cramming. I guess no more fans to do drumroll when you get out of the exam rooms as those fans and supporters who went there have their flights scheduled for a return trip home.

I just couldn't understand why this has to happen. Again, we blame it on Mother Nature, and her anger. This is such a harsh reality. I have seen videos of cars and buses drowned in the deluge. People in the rooftops literally basking in the rain, chilling and crying for rescue.

Is Metro manila sinking? A question only experts can answer but I have seen with my two eyes, yes, the metro is sinking in the flood.

And while we wait for the news today, it will be even devastating as casualties and damage to properties will be announced. How many lives were claimed by the flood, how many houses filled with appliances were left as lives have to be evacuated. Such a pitiful situation.

But amidst these things, it's also in the news, people helping one another. My eyes got misty when news of such generosity and kindness are being flashed. Yes, Filipinos still have kind hearts. Some even help out the kids carrying them along in their backs to transport them to a safer place. During these times of disaster, we discover that we still have love in our hearts for our brothers and sisters in need of help. We find out that yes, Filipinos are worth the love.

Mother Nature is angry and her anger is lashed out to all of us. We here in Mindanao, especially in Gensan, are just thankful that we do not experience such a terrible state. We are covered by the mountains that continue to protect us from the winds and the rain.

My appeal is that we continue to preserve the mountains, as they are the ones which will save us from this dilemma. I am known to be an environment preserver, and I can only say my thanks to the good Lord for not letting us experience that flood, but I am praying too that people in the metro will survive from such tragic state.

The Metro may be sinking, but we still have time to make amends with Mother Nature.

Be safe, my friends!


mightydacz said…
unfair talaga si mother nature dapat dito na lang sa saudi arabia pinadala si ondoy....matutuwa pa kami....
be safe nga naman talaga...
sheng said…
@mightydacz: No, i disagree, no one should be affected by such disasters. Everybody, even areas outside the Phils. should have been spared if only we were concerned and responsive of the call to preserve Mother Nature. Kahit diyan, wag masyadong magbabad sa init. Ingat kayo!
upto6only said…
hayyy grabe talaga ang pilipinas yesterday. who would imagine na babahain ang mg alugar na hindi naman binabaha before. this is an awakening for all of us. matutuo na sana tayo
huli man tayong pangalagaan ang kalikasan..panahon na para magsimula...huwag nang hintayin pang lumubog ang maynila.
kg said…
iba talaga pag si mother natre na ang nagalit, wala tayo magagawa. now that the storm is over, umpisa na ng finger pointing. we tend to put the blame on other people, but have we looked at ourselves? even just a little, we have contributed to the slow destruction of the earth.

i hope, really hope, that this is a wake-up call. we cannot continue abusing the earth as we are doing now. i can only imagine what our children and our children's children will experience.
kg said…
thanks pala sheng for your nice massage. don;t worry, we are fine here!

the donG said…
sana hindi na mauulit kaya lang may padating na naman ulit na bagyo. kailangan maghanda ang lahat sa manila
AJ said…
I was learning from ur insights.
and pareng ever was right, lets not wait for the worst to come...and its not too late i guess. doomster says, ondoys fury its jst the tip of the iceberg. RGDS.

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