The Neighbor that Was

Before we moved into our new home in La Cassandra, we had a neighbor who moved into their house a year and months more before we did. So they were the ones who took care of the house by checking it from time to time. Taking a look at their lifestyle, i noticed that they were kinda' luxurious, they had two vehicles, a Getz Hyundai, and an L200 pick-up, all brand new. The woman who manages the household is also the same woman who manages a big store of RTWs fronting a big mall here in our place, she even had a booth leased inside the mall. They sell cellphones, accessories, apparels. When they got into the subdivision, I was very envious because they had their lawn landscaped, had their AC prepared, had their walls painted good, had lotsa orchids, and they are simply RICH.

They are friendly neighbors too, especially Manong, the father of the woman, his hubby invites my hubby for drinks but hubby refuses to join them since he just doesn't drink. The kids go to a very fine school, expensive even. The kids have one yaya each, they got 2 kids. The man doesn't do anything, he's a home guy, a drinker and just an eater, read: palamunin.

And suddenly, there was no more red car, they sold it they say, and another month after, no more L200. They sold it to pay debts, as the woman had to do a guarantee favor to someone but she was fooled and swindled. The cars were really sayang, all brand new, the red car not even 2 years and was sold, the L200, not even a year, sold for only P400,000.

And just Saturday, no more neighbors. We heard they really had to move into a new place since they have no car, and must be near the downtown area where they have their booths.

I felt bad and sad for their early bankruptcy, I feel pity to the wife who did all she can to be a good provider. I felt anger to the hubby for being such a palamunin. I feel sad that Manong will not be with us anymore.

What's good with their move is that they left some of their orchids with me, I guess a souvenir that once in my life, we had been neighbors.

Ahhhh, life is really ups and downs. We must be careful for there are just some people who will pull you down each time you go up and will get your gold easily.


kg said…
ay, such a sad story for them. i hope they're taking the adjustment easily. mahirap yung biglang bagsak. :(

this isn't the first time i've heard of this kind of story. we can't really put blame because we don't know the whole story. yun nga lang, sayang talaga.
Blue Rose said…
ay, that's so sad. kawawa naman sila. sana makaadjust sila agad.
Rico said…
Kalungkot nga yung ganyan. Hope things get better for them though. Better money management is needed.
Jinky said…
my oh my! sad story no? they should have the belief that it takes two to tango. . . whatever paningkamot ng isa will just go to waste if the other half will not cooperate. ..
mightydacz said…
omg what a sad story pang MMK with a title ORCHIDS lol ang gulong ng buhay nga naman.......
witsandnuts said…
Life is full of surprises. I hope their family sticks together through thick and thin. Sana the husband will live up to the word of being a family guy especially now that they're having a bad time.
BlogusVox said…
Maybe they stretched their capital too thin and bought those luxury goods too soon. Hinay hinay lang dapat, especially if only one parent is working and the other is a "dependent".

It's not an uncommon story, but yet it's still sad.
pag may lungkot, may saya rin...ang buhay parang life!
onyxx said…
i feel sorry for your neighbors. kung sino pa yung mabait e yun pa ang minamalas. well, let's hope karma turns things around for them
jeanny said…
thats life....the most important naman is they are still together, complete as a family whether they have more or less.

Happy weekend Shengskie

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