A Quick Note

Dear friends,

My life is in a beautiful turmoil now, I have several projects lined up in my desks; to mention:

* 2 elementary Science books (for copyediting, final proofreading)
* 2 high school Science and Technology books (for copyediting, final proofreading)
* Bagong Bayani 3 and 4 Magazine for editing
* Bagong Bayani Magazine 1 and 2 for gathering of articles
* the GMA dictionary
* Grades 1-6 Reading books
* Grades 1-6 Adventures in English books
* IDs to make
* OLPGV translation project
* trip to Manila this October
* Bob Ong books to read

* kids and family

* social life - to which is impossible to insert for now.

So, please understand if I could but simply visit your blogs and not leave a message. I will be back soon after all these stuffs are all marked: Done!




Rico said…
Think of the heavy workload as blessings. A lot of people would do anything just to have a job like yours. Kaya kahit toxic minsan, pagtiyagaan na rin. ;)
Good luck!
eks said…
tama si rico. just take everything as a blessing from above. a lot of people are wandering the streets of busy cities to fin d a job. :-)

do you need help? :-)
Kayni said…
it's good to be busy...same here. enjoy the commotion while it lasts =).
kg said…
my gosh! ang dami nga! :)

you'll be coming this august? when yun? :)

i love your term "beautiful turmoil."
kg said…
coming this october pala...he! he! tapos na yng august! [gosh! asan ba ang utak ko?]
Blue Rose said…
same here sheng. take your time. *hugs for you*
Anonymous said…
good luck sa lahat ng trabaho mo sheng. kaya mo yan. LOL parang lahat ng navisit ko busy ah!
upto6only said…
wow super busy.

go girl.
REDLAN said…
Oh my dami nga pero ma-achieve mo lahat yan. kaw pa. Take your time. Basta huwag i-burnout ang sarili sa work. (pinapangaralan ko sarili ko. lol)
BlogusVox said…
No need to apoligize, sheng. I'm happy pa nga that you're busy. That means life is good.
hi sheng, wag mo masyadong intindihin ang pagbisita, ang mahalaga handa mo lahat ng kailangan mo ngayon,aba swerte ka nga at busy sa work...:)

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