Air Supply - Even that Night is Better!

Even the nights are better! Yes, way way better.

I ended my 1 week holiday with a bang!

Since Monday, I decided not to show up in the office as I felt so burnt out, I had to accompany my boy to school activities and I had to finish pending tasks, I lack sleep because of the too many OT works I bring home, so I decided to give myself a rest! A much needed rest.

And so, when Friday came, I ended it while unwinding with hubby and friends to the tune of - watching the Air Supply concert.

Air Supply invaded General Santos City, and the whol gymnasium was full, uber full. I remember those other concerts I have been to, the David Pomeranz and the Side A, theywere really not that crowded, David Pomeranz was also full but not so0 jam-packed as this one.

I am so glad to have been a part of this historical event, Air Supply has been in the lips of everyone and all their songs have been in my playlist since last week. The duo may be already old, but their voices and the band is just so cool, that they just bring out voices loudly singing to the beat of their songs.

Russel Hitchcock! I heart you!

Graham Russel and Russel Hitchcock, alive and kicking on the stage.

They were very nice to go down the stage and reach out to the crowd, many people trying to grasp a handshake and have their pics taken with the duo. It was uber crowded that we decided to stay put and content ourselves with getting up close pics.

I love the band, even if Air Supply is considered a band of the 70's and 80's, their hits are still hits! The band is so cool, and one of them is very handsome.

Frank Moreno, on the keyboards

Is that James Dean?

the way too cool drummer!

Age is not a hindrance in giving total entertainment, haha!

And look at us!

with Yeng and Mario
enjoying the band and watching them using our free VIP tickets.

Thank you Air Supply for giving me a better night! Because since that night, all my nights have been better!


kg said…
i can sing air supply songs in videokes! he! he!

glad you enjoyed sheng. i think air supply is one heck of a band! :)
Lawstude said…
i love their songs. i grew up with those and really a perfect soundtrack for the senti mode.
witsandnuts said…
There was a time that I liked a lot at least two of their songs. That must be a memorable concert night. =)
BlogusVox said…
All work and no play makes anybody a dull person. Glad you enjoyed the show and "recharged" your battery!
SleeplessInKL said…
air supply still going strong after all these years! i did see someone comment on twitter that the generals seemed quite subdued with their response to air supply. naulaw tingali hahaha!
sarap naman...

balita ko yung concert nila,yung ibang kita,will be donated sa mga nasalanta ni ondoy.
sheng said…
@Ever: yes, and to St. Gemma's orphanage...
mightydacz said…
wow naman as in thanks for the photos para na ri akong nanood lol at talagang nag enjoy ka at libre pa nasa vip section ka pa galing naman....
Summer said…
so love your blog :D

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