Do Your Part! It's NOT Too Late

I did what I could to help save HER, but many people ignored HER plea to be heard. Now, it's her wrath slashing the people, and they thought it's HER evil deeds.

I find it crazy that people think when Ondoy and Pepeng slashed out their fury over Luzon, it was acts of God. Because definitely it is not! It is our own doing.

You ask me what I have contributed to help save Mother Nature. I did many. I planted trees, reused plastics, reduced my paper consumption as I am prone to be using more of that, but I considered using the blank reverses of the manuscripts in order to keep me from using new sheets. We have a number of 1.5 litres Coke plastic bottles which I have converted as a hanging pot for my orchids, and I did more than that.

But what made me make this post is the urge to keep reminding you of the other tips that could help save Mother Earth.

These tips are but simple, but you can help save our one and only Earth by following these:

Turn off your light: When you don’t need it, it only makes sense to turn off your light bulb. If you have a regular incandescent bulb at your house, you should change it to a compact fluorescent bulb. Believe it or not, it is good to the environment, and it can also save you a lot of money. Although a fluorescent bulb may seem expensive, energy experts confirm that you will save more money with a fluorescent bulb long term. Even though incandescent bulb may be cheaper, it will burn out often. Furthermore, fluorescent bulb will only use a quarter of energy to generate the same amount of light.

Turn off the running faucet when you brush your teeth. Believe it or not, if you leave the water running for two minutes, you waste up to ten gallons of water.

Turn down the heat: If you must turn on the heater in the winter, you should set it at 135 degrees. Try to put on thicker blanket or jacket when you go to bed. You may not even need your heater.

Carry cloth shopping bags: Cloth shopping bags are better than plastic shopping bags for the environment.

Recycle: Recycle newspapers, plastic, cans, or glass. Learn about your local recycling facilities. Recycle whenever you can.

Alert your family about the environment: If you have children, you should teach them about recycling. Teach them to love the environment.

Segregate your wastes. This is the most ignored part in throwing our wastes. There are biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and toxic wastes. Learn how to segregate them as this will be the most helpful of all the tips. All biodegradables: fruit peels, kitchen refuse, waste paper, kitchen wastes except plastic, must be placed in the biodegradable trash, they can be placed in a compost for fertilizer use. Non-biodegradables: plastic, cans, bottles can be recycled in order to be converted into another thing. Toxic wastes, broken thermometers, old batteries, chemical cans must be placed in another trash in order for the waste management group in your area to know where to place them and what they can do to them.

Let us not be weary in following these simple tips as these will surely help save us from the damage the global warming can bring us. it's not too late. We can still do something. But I urge you to pray and admit the fact that it is not acts of God, rather acts of men, that made these damages more evident to us now.


SleeplessInKL said…
i'd like to add two more things:

1. UNPLUG mobile phone chargers when done charging. this is probably one of the most overlooked things that quietly use up energy.

2. TURN OFF the photocopying machine when leaving the office. my eldest says if it's left on overnight, it uses up enough power to photocopy some 1500 copies!
kg said…
super daming pwedeng gawin...even the small things, which, when added, amount to big things! diba? :)
witsandnuts said…
"Acts of God" is an abused term now. We can't change the world overnight, but we can make a difference in so many ways.
mightydacz said…
hello sheng
nice post about mother earth
taking care about mother earth is everyones responsibility...doing simple things can make a difference....back to basics i think we must apply here and littlte by little change our lifestyle for example uv mentioned the cloth bag in groceries how about using a fashionable BAYONG of our lolas lol

ie favor sheng i need ur help please support my friend miles poblete for mtv emerge heres the link
Blue Rose said…
nice post sheng! i do agree na marami tayong magagawa to save mother earth.
Lantaw said…
tama ka sheng, its time we heed and heal the world, and make it a better place, for you and for me LOL!
IN LOVE¿ said…
Tama, I really believe. Salamat sa tips. May nacontribute rin naman ako something for the environment.

Speaking of tips, nagandahan ako sa commercial ng Meralco. Nakaka-convince.
BlogusVox said…
True, nananahimik yung Isa, pagbibintangang sya ang may gawa. If finger pointing is to be done, might as well point it towards ourselves. This is the result of our greed, wastefulness and uncaring attitude.
AJ said…
doomsayer says this is the time of consequence!..

thanks for sharing this practical. simple yet powerful tips. its not too late to save the world.
I am Xprosaic said…
Hi sheng! OO nga eh dami nating pwede gawin... nakakalungkot lang kasi kelangan pa ata munang danasin ito ng iilan bago maisip ang mga bagay gaya niyan... sana wag nang hintayin ang maaaring mangyari... ngayon pa lang gumawa na tayo ng mga hakbang para sa ating ikauunlad... naks! serious! jejejejejejeje
dodong flores said…
Great tips!

I also use the blank reverse of old manuscripts to recycle papers...
Lawstude said…
we all need to do our part in our own simple ways. we need to set good examples to school childred so it won't be a habit for them to unknowingly harm our only planet.
dyosa said…
Thanks for sharing all of these tips. I am sure that all of us are aware of what needs to be done in order to save Mother Earth but it wouldn't hurt to often remind people to do their part.

Enjoy the rest of the week!
Heart of Rachel said…
Thanks for sharing these great tips. Every little thing counts. We can help mother earth if all of us do our own share in helping the environment.

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