2009 Year-end Sickness

It's been a long time that I am annoyed with my cough and colds. More than three weeks already. This started soon after hubby went to Iloilo, and when he came back, I was already wiping the nose. I didn't bother taking meds at first because I thought it will just go away with water therapy. But weeks came, and the cough felt like staying, and worsening. My first ever to be this sick since birth as I have been healthy all along. I only visited the hospital twice in my lifetime, and that is to give birth to my kids. And the only docs I visited were my OB, and my allergocologist.

I self-medicated knowing a little help from here and there will do the trick, but the meds I took were of no avail as I felt myself crawling in sick. I still have duties to finish and the holidays are rushing, so I was off to and fro to finish stuffs, buy this and that, go there and there, attend parties and events, until, after Christmas day, I felt chest pains every time I cough.

I miss the feeling of relaxed breathing because I was doing forced and heavy breathing because of the colds. Saturday and Sunday felt black for me, but I still went out malling, but when I came home, the chest pains grew more intense.

And I just had to ask to see the doc when in the days past it was hubby pushing me to the clinic.

Yesterday, alas! the doc came after 3 hours of waiting, and I was asked to get an xray, and a CBC. It was my first CBC and xray ever and I felt bad because the one who pushed the syringe in wasn't that gentle. Ugh.

When the results came out, I was actually scared of what the doc will tell me. I was expecting worse like TB, pneumonia, bronchitis and that sort of illnesses. But the doc, scrutinizing the xray film said my lungs were okay. They were healthy except for the phlegm which was caused by bacteria as seen from the CBC. No allergy or something, but irritating bacteria as the culprit.

Darn, i should have known. I should have saved that money up for more food this New Year's Eve, but yes, no regrets, at least I knew I don't have something worse. Thank God!

I need to be healthy to welcome 2010. So I must say this to myself:

And for the next year, Bawal Magkasakit! Be Safe!

Happy New Year Everyone!

All the best this 2010!


SR said…
hi she. get well soon. mahirap pag two years kang inuubo, mula 2009 to 2010.

how time flies....

happy new year!!!
orman said…
health is wealth and it's tax-free! take care of yourself. don't overwork yourself!
Reena said…
wow new word! allergocologist. :D

get well soon sheng. i think you need to rest too. the holiday season is putting too much stress on us kaya humihina ang body resistance and immunity even againsta simple colds.

take care!
Eds said…
*hugs* get well soon sheng.

happy new year to you & your family!
jborela said…
shengkai dearie, I've been there!

nothing beats the feeling of being healthy!

just like me. . . please take small steps. . take small steps. . .

happy new year!
kg said…
glad it's not some serious disease sheng! you take care!

happy new year!
the donG said…
the news that you're healthy is good enough. keep yourself away from the main cause of sickness sheng. preventive is better than reactive.

at least now you'll enjoy the new year feeling better.
Bone MD said…
Hmmm...fluids, rest, good diet..keep healthy..

OT: 3 hours waiting time?
Anonymous said…
one of the best gifts we could give ourselves is health of course!have a healthier you, this 2010, sheng! God bless and more power to your site!
HalfCrazy said…
Ubo at sipon - they're really contagious. My college friends and I hang out at our friend's condo all the time. So when just one person acquired this bacteria, one by one, we started having it too!

Mine's still not cured, I believe meds and water therapy can take care of it. It's not that harsh but it's irritating lol!

Glad to know it's not anything serious for your case! Oo nga, bawal magkasakit so take care of yourself!
ALiNe said…
Awwww.. get well soon!

Have a healthy and happy new year to you!
Kayni said…
Sheng, Feel better soon and yes to a healthier 2010 =). Best wishes!
upto6only said…
hope you're better now. naku hirap talagang magkasakit.

wish you and your family all the best for the next year.
Cza said…
Get well! Must start 2010 healthy :D HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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