Crazy Weather

The start of the Christmas season brought me to my noses. Yes, you heard it right, because from time to time, I would touch my nose and sniff. It's been a long while that I have not had any cold, or any fever, but when bacteria attacks, be careful, they attack the kids first.

We do have a crazy weather here, and I don't know how to figure this crazy weather out. It is scorching hot in the mornings till noon, and rains in the afternoon, while it's awfully cold especially in the wee mornings.

My boy was the first attacked by the flu, next is Tabebs, and now, it's my turn. I'm just thankful that my kids didn't have some serious colds, i was able to give them a few drops of the medication and they're up and about.

No one can pretend to be the PAGASA by just checking the clouds for it will only be a disappointment. So just to be sure, here are a few tips.

1. Wear jackets or something that will keep you warm especially in the cold mornings. If you can get yourself a jogging spree, wear windbreakers, and a cap to protect your head from the dew.

2. Do not be ashamed of using the umbrella, especially if it is scorching hot. And use light colored umbrellas because using the dark ones like black and maroon will let you suffer as these are already hot colors.

3. Wear sunscreen protection. I am not an avid fan of sunscreens but just last week, i saw my back having this dark portion and lighter portion down. Sunburn, and just when I was only trimming the grasses at home. So from now on, when I go out in the sun, I wear sunblock.

5. Umbrella again for the rain. It's been a must that you use the umbrella for rain. So, keep that in mind not because i told you so, but because it's what our oldest folks have told us many years back.

6. Wether it be a good weather or not, always drink your fluids, water, juice, tea. But not your sodas!

I hope you take care! I'm good though, if only without the colds. sniff sniff


orman said…
very useful ang mga tips mo, sheng! and i agree with you - the weather is crazy lately! i should know coz my asthma is acting up every now and then.
Eds said…
ohh..ohh...feel better soon sheng. and thanks for the tips, very useful sya. dito din malamig na pag umaga.
Lawstude said…
these are great tips sheng. may bago ko natutunan. take care. :)
bertN said…
"Wether it be a good weather or not, always drink your fluids, water, juice, tea. But not your sodas!"

How about whiskey and beer? In my case, I find it a good cure for bad weather...whether you believe it or not LOL. Just teasing, don't send the Ampatuans to sing Christmas carols at my house LOL.
witsandnuts said…
I am a nursing a dry cough and colds. It's getting colder here because of the winter. More breezing when January comes. Take care!
princess_dyanie said…
wow frosty the snowman ang header! :)

ang lamig na dito! ramdam na ramdam na ang simoy ng Pasko! :) weee!!
Reena said…
now ko lng napansin si frosty sa header mo. reminds me of Krispy Kreme's latest pakulo. :0

great tips! i didn't know gensan's experiencing taht kind of weather. i think nangyari din yan here in manila a few months ago.

i always bring an umbrella with me anywhere. nasanay na ako since college e. bahala na mabigat ang bag, hwag kng mabasa ng ulan or maarawan.

what im not really used to wear lang is a sunblock kasi it's sticky. haha.

get well soon sheng and to your family
Kayni said…
great tips! feel better soon, and i like the Christmas theme.

happy weekend!
Jeanny said…
ah take care dearie. :)

Happy Weekend!

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