My First PBA Experience

Did you see me on TV? Hah, yes I was on TV!

I was given a chance to watch an ALL ACCESS PBA game between The Coca Cola Tigers and Talk N' Text Tropang Texters tonight. We arrived on the third quarter but it was worth every minute of the game. I was rooting for the Coca Cola Tigers for the reason that I am an avid Coca Cola drinker, and Kenneth Duremdes who hails from Koronadal City coaches the team, and one Francis Allera is also a resident of the city.

The shouting, the jumping, I mean from the fans that is, are overwhelming that I find myself enjoying the hype, the action that I can only hear myself shouting Defense! Shoot! NO! Tres!

Spell FUN, and it's SUPER FUN!

I never imagined it would be this fun watching a PBA game in the ringside. It was way way back in college that I have waged in PBA games. I was then an avid supporter of Alaska, and what ruins my night is when Ginebra wins over them. I thought they played bloody dirty. And I thought then that Johnny Abarrientos was the bestest player ever...

Just this time, I had a good realization that when the players play ball, it's uber fast action. One second you see the ball held by a player and the next second it's not! And they play really physical, with hands really touching the bodies for defense or for a foul till some players drop to the floor writhing in pain.

The whole gym was thundering when it was in the last 2 minutes, we were cheering up, boosting the Tigers but unluckily, they were not able to make it to the last drop.

My lungs were abused because of my shouting, and my hands are sore because of the clapping...but it was so fun that it's 1am now and i'm still hyped up! It's really a superb experience watching PBA in the flesh!

And just to let you know how close we are to the hardcourt...

It's the court one meter away from us! For free! What a steal!
Thanks Sir Daxi for this shot!

I love PBA, now, more than ever. I don't know when I can watch another PBA clash, but this sure is a thrilling experience I will never forget! I just realized too that the game tension in the court is a good stress-reliever to busy people like me. Crazy but true!

One more time, PBA!

And yes, with Coach Kenneth Duremdes...


jeanny said…
Hi SHeng.

Abarrientos is good. He was our MVP player in our univeristy. Sya laging nagpapanalo sa Tamarraw. Kaya Im so proud at schoolmate ko sya.

Actually Ginebra doesn't play that dirty naman. Lahat naman ng teams has their own dirty ways of playing. Im a Ginebra fan eversince. I love watching their games sa big court kasi nandun ang adrenalin rush. Those were the days. :)

Btw, Abarrientos went into semi-retirement, serving in the coaching staff of Ginebra. Then returned to active play in the 2008–09 PBA Philippine Cup. :)

Enjoy the rest if weekend
dyosa said…
Wow! Talk about pure adrenalin rush! I've never watched a live PBA game. But I could just imagine the energy in the building. Ang saya saya! Maybe I should try this one of these days for the experience. :D
princess_dyanie said…
ay bakit 3rd qtr na kayo pumasok? im a fan of Ginebra. di naman dirty. lahat naman may ganun.

apir for the fun sheng! :)
Lawstude said…
it has been ages since i last watched a pba game. ginebra ako dati eh pero di ko na masyado nasundan pba ngayun. glad u had a great time.
the donG said…
parang pumunta ka na rin ulit sa manila. hehehe...

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