My Thankful Heart

Lord, thank you so much for what the year has been, all the blessings, the gifts, the flow of strength and all that was showered upon us.

Thank you also for the trials, the storms, the floods, the weaknesses that we hurdled. We became stronger because we trusted in You and knew we can survive because You certainly won't leave us.

Thank you for friends, close friends, neighbors, officemates who have made life better for us because they are around. Than you for online friends who continue to read our rants and raves even if we are only bonded by this special thing called the Internet.

Thank you also for those people who made our lives difficult. They may be the annoying people we have to deal with but they shape our character, and hopefully, they shape it for a better one.

Thank you for the work we still have while others have none. Thank you because you have shown us the importance of working hard in order to feed our mouths and not to steal.

Thank you for Mother Nature. We may have had bad brushes with her but we learned to value the existence of our trees and of a healthy environment.

Thank you for our children and their laughters. They have given us complete joy by just arriving safe from school or by just doodling a new drawing, or by just saying sweet goodnights. Thank you for their smiles when when they are in pain. Thank you because they complete us.

Thank you for the husband who loves us so much and with Your grace, continues to protect us and provide for our needs, financially, emotionally.

Thank you because You have shown us how You have loved us by being borne to this world full of our complexities.

I just thank you Lord because I am certain, that You will grant my friends and readers of this blog a Merry Christmas.

To All of you!

From my family to yours,

Have a Happy One! All the best for 2010!




TANCHI said…
merry christmas to you and your family, ate sheng! more powers:)
Frances Baja said…
Happy Christmas and Merry New Year ate sheng.. :))

Rico said…
Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
hey, sheng, thank you too for being one of my blog buddies this year. merry CHRISTmas to you and may you and your families and friends have a joyous and blessed holiday and New year! =)
BlogusVox said…
Passed by to leave my greetings:

Merry Christmas to you and your loveones!
Eds said…
merry christmas sheng!
kg said…
merry christmas to you and your family sheng! mwah!
bertN said…
Maligayang Pasko sa iyo and iyong family!
Kayni said…
Maligayang Pasko to your and your family. Best wishes. Thank you for your friendship.
princess_dyanie said…
Merry Christmas Sheng and to the whole family! :)
Lawstude said…
Fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving gifts are all the buzzwords in a Christmas setting. Make your Christmas a one to cherish for years!
witsandnuts said…
Merry Christmas, Sheng!
Heart of Rachel said…
Thank you for sharing your blessings. May you have a meaningful Christmas. God bless you and your family.
the donG said…
Merry Christmas to you, Kyaw and the two kids! Enjoy the holiday season. Excited to see you soon.

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