The Pacman Revolution

Not everyone can be so lucky to be invited to Manny Pacquiao's birthday bash which they tagged as the Pacman Revolution, but I was one of the lucky few considering that a good friend, Ate Jinky did something good for the Pacman.

Now, no good deed comes unrewarded, so she was invited but didn't get to convince her husband to come along because of the "strictly formal" dress code, so she chose me!

Entering KCC Convention Center, you will notice a number of tarpaulins hung on the wall, this one's of their family in black and white. Notice the number of people under the image, that is how wide the tarpaulin is, for everyone to see.

The multitude of invited guests, having their dinner. The food was awesome, almost all the famous food caterers in the city were tapped to feed the said 2000 guests. Free-flowing beer, food, water, pastries, and a lot more were served. But if you are unlucky to be far from the food, you will sure be starved as the food were scattered surrounding the venue, but not in the center aisles. Some complained of having eaten little, but we were lucky to be near the mountainous food so we were stuffed.

After the dinner, a semi Pacman concert was given, and Lito Camo performed together with Manny. Guests were there to perform as well including Jay Cayuca who performed really well, the arising Centerpoint Band that hails from our very own city, and a lot more.

His kids gave a surprise dance number, and notice Princess, Pacman's third child on the center, she dances very well, just like her lola, Mommy D.

Manny Pacquiao's 7-layer birthday cake. Whew, so huge that I dunno who can gorge on this beautiful cake. Prepared only for the King of the Ring.

We joined other invited bloggers, Orman; Bariles and of course, Ate Jinky .

I was actually hesitant as to go or not, because of the fact that I really do not keep fancy clothes in my closet. I am more than comfy in my jeans and shirts, and a few blouses to go with my office attire. But searching for a good dress to present me in the party was a task I could not resist, so I opted to wear this green and black lined dress and had to wear a bolero as the dress was sleeveless.

The bolero came good with Odette's pretty pin she gave me as add-on to a win on her blogoversary giveaway.

This is how I looked like, and I was even surprised at myself for the way I looked with the make-up on. Fact: I never wear make-up. The last I did, was during my wedding, almost ten years ago.

That day was also my hubby's birthday, but since I was decided to go to Pacman's bash, we decided to celebrate his bash during lunchtime that day.

Overall, it was a good experience, who knows, you will be the next guest to Pacman's Revolution.

PS: Thanks to Orman and Bariles for selected pics.


kg said…
wow sheng, brushing with the famous manny pacquaio! :)

i almost didn't recognize you! :)
jeanny said…
hi Sheng. Your so lovely, bagay :)
witsandnuts said…
That's a rare chance. Grabe, multi-layer cake. =)
Rej said…
sana kaw yung nanalo ng car.
TPS said…
KG, pansin mo hawig ni Aleli si Sheng. Sorry, off-topic.
Looks like you had so much fun.
Eds said…
ahh, looks like you had so much fun. sayang nga lang sana ikaw nanalo ng car!

by the way, you looks so pretty!
Anonymous said…
wow, rubbing elbows with the pacfamily! so how's mommy dionisia's dance number? heard she had to buy shoes the last minute. it's nice to see photos that were never featured in news. thanks for sharing.
princess_dyanie said…
ayun oh! naka make up si sheng! ayeeee! :P
Heart of Rachel said…
Wow! It must have been quite a party.

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