Birthday Giveaways!

Thank you guys for the prayers. I knew I did my best but my best may not have been the very best for the selection board. The exam was not easy at all, as I am too poor in Abstract Reasoning, meaning, I think I got myself a poor IQ. It was a very short exam, with only 48 items for the first part, but yes, it was an IQ Test with only 12 minutes bombshell time. I got lost with the time pressure, so tensed that I dunno if I answered them correctly. The second part was a Personality Test with 300 items. That was quite a long exam but it was far better than the first part.

What gives? I dunno, maybe try my better luck again next time, haha. I am positive with the turn of things this 2010 so I am still keeping my fingers crossed to whatever comes.

After the exam was a plethora of activities I have participated. One thing to keep my mind off from the disappointment of lacking the zest for that exam. But anyway, life moves on. Emo for a day maybe? But the Lord has plans, and better plans, that, I know for sure.

The good thing is, here goes the mechanics of my birthday giveaway! Dyan dyaran!

Birthday Giveaway Mechanics:

There are three parts supposedly, but since Jan 23 is tomorrow, I need to extend this to 27, 30, and Feb 6. I will pick one winner for each date who will beautifully and truthfully answer these stuffs.

January 27: From what you read in my posts, describe me in two to three paragraphs.

January 30: Why would you want to go to Gensan?

February 6 - What would you wish for me?

There will be one winner for each date. Winners for the first and second week will be judged according to their write-ups. I personally, will choose whoever describes me closest to my personality. And wait, bloggers with Philippine addresses only please.

For Feb 6, it will be a raffle care-off the Randomizer! Yay!

Prizes? What prizes? Oh yes, the prizes.

27 - A Eucalyptus novel by Murray Bail, one book that's been sitting on my shelf for a long time since I am so in love with it. I have been keeping it for a future re-read, but I cannot make myself do it because of time constraints. If you want the book, read review here.

30 - A very nice notebook I bought last week for this purpose! It is so nice that I am actually thinking of buying one for myself as I am one notebook and pen collector myself. Some pens and pencils included here! (picture to follow - I was so busy, teehee.)

Feb 6 - a Malong. The malong is a traditional "tube skirt" made of handwoven or machine-made multi-colored cotton cloth, bearing a variety of geometric or okir designs. The malong is akin to the sarong worn by peoples in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The malong is traditionally used as a garment by numerous tribes in the Southern Philippines and the Sulu Archipelago. Read more about the malong here.

Let's get the ball rolling, either post comment here or make a post about it in your blogs and post url here. So, the first week starts now!

Each winner gets more surprises as reward! Everybody join! Thanks a lot guys!


Brendel said…
Way to go, Sheng! I already made a mental run-down of all the reasons why I want to visit GenSan again and again and again...
sheng said…
@Brendel, sali ka!
orman said…
sali ako... gawin ko agad....!
Eds said…
yay! ito na inaantay naming contest. sali ako! sali ako! hehehe

advance happy birthday sheng!
jeanny said…
Uy contest. I will join.

Lapit na pala bday natin :)
nice A said…
How can I be exempt from that everybody? I wish for that beautiful malong:)
Happy Birthday, anyways, Sheng! More success awaits you this year. God bless.
kg said…
yay sheng! join ako! :)

don't think too much about the exam. may next time pa naman! mwah!
upto6only said…
advance happy birthday Sheng. All my wishes for you and your family.
jborela said…
oieee. . sali ko, ako pa. . ;_D
princess_dyanie said…
oo tama. God has better and best plans for you! :)
Kayni said…
ay di ako puwede =( happy birthday, sheng.
Anonymous said…
happy birthday! may the good Lord shower all of us with more blessings. all the best on your birthday and beyond!
..oh, and good luck on the exam, best wishes for the blog contest!
Daxi said…
For you I dedicate:

To everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
And a time to every purpose under Heaven...
[Turn! Turn! Turn! -- by The Byrds, with words adapted from the Book of Ecclesiastes]

Happy Birthday!
mordsith said…
Wow! Birthday giveways... I wish your kids would grow to be good persons, as I'm sure they would. I'm sure that would make you truly happy. Well, I think you are a selfless mother and wife. :)
liezl said…
ngayon ko lng nabasa ito...weehhh. try ako join, hehe. when birthday mo sheng? happy happy birthday.

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