Happy Drinking!

Earth's surface is two-thirds covered with water, but it seems as if we don't value water as much. Water circulates through the land and is obviously a valuable element responsible for life here on earth. However, it seems as if we don't have enough water in our surrounding that we often get sick because of water, or the lack of it.

The start of 2010 saved me from the urge of drinking Coke, as I have and am serious in lessening my intake. As much as possible, I learn to value the importance of water. And though it may seem abnormal of me to be drinking (too much) water, it appeals to me that I am healthy because of that.

Bear in mind that your body is 75% water and in every day of your life, your body loses 2 to 3 liters of water in the form of sweat, urine, tears. However, this may actually increase when you are sick, overworked, hyperactive, pregnant or during an exercise.

Take note that some of the fluids we take are often counter-productive of the hydration we need. Coffee, tea, sodas, juices sometimes not only cause loss of water in the body but may also draw water from body reserves.

This post of mine is meant to remind you that the body needs water. Children especially, the elderly and pregnant women must drink as much water as they can to reach your daily requirement which is actually specified according to your weight and the level of your physical activity. Please click here to check your body's water needs and water replacement.

Water is involved in all bodily functions especially in giving you strength, that's why it is very important that your body is properly hydrated.

Today, water may be polluted so to be safe, drink distilled or pure water.

I have been a victim of irritating cough and colds during the holiday season but I never got to the point of having fever because as my doctor said, maintaining water intake will stabilize body temperature. The more water you drink, the more water you will excrete and along with the excrete, bacteria and other unknown sickness-causing elements. As you continue to flush out water, you cleanse your body and down the drain is flushed sickness and other diseases.

I tell you, water is important. One thing that must not be ignored nor taken for granted.

Happy Drinking!


Brendel said…
I really should get back to drinking more water and lessen my intake of caffeine-laden drinks.

Happy New Year, Sheng!
kg said…
hi sheng! Tthank God kahit mahilig ako sa coke, mahilig din ako sa tubig!

PS. slowly decreasing my coke intake! slowly but surely! he! he!
Anonymous said…
with the title of the post, i initially thought it was about alcoholism or something. hehehe.. but cheers to drinking more water!
Anonymous said…
I love to drink water. Especially ice water :) I drink the most water when I'm at work, I'm at work ALL THE TIME so that's a good thing!

Love to you sweetie, keep up the good work of cutting back on that Coke- you can do it!
BlogusVox said…
Coke just doubled its price here, kaya I'll start drinking water na lang after dinner instead of soda!
Eirven said…
been here...bloghopping
bertN said…
That's what I need - more water in my body! I've not been drinking enough water probably because I do not perspire enough due to our weather condition.
Eds said…
cheers for drinking more water sheng!

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