20 Days More

20 days more and it's May 10, a day of tension for politicians and grappling work for our Comelec and the BEIs. A day of anticipation for all of us, and a day that will determine the future of our children.

It's still a long way to go, 20 more days of prayer, 20 more days of wishful thinking that the Lord will grant us a good, dependable, reliable, responsible and honest president. May he/she be a man of integrity, of fear with the Lord, of honest and clean heart, and with the purest intention for the good of the country.

But then again, 20 more days is just as fast. We only have 20 more days. So I urge you to use this 20 more days for prayer to a peaceful and orderly elections, and for the whole nation to properly discern who to put in the highest position of the land.

20 more days to prepare yourself. This is a battle, our heart's battle. Let us vote for whatever is good, whatever is right!


Ibyang said…
even if i don't live there now, i'm praying for the philippines too. may god help us.
SleeplessInKL said…
The sad thing is: most Filipinos have a very short memory and don't learn from the mistakes of the past :(
Kayni said…
very well said. there's always hope.
kg said…
we're praying for the same thing sheng. lord, give us the right leader please! :)
the donG said…
wow i didnt know that it's just 20days... lapit na pala. kailangan na talaga magdasal. sana yung matino naman ang mananalo.
Eds said…
20 days nalang pala. kailangan ko ng magfinalize ng list para sa mga iboboto ko.

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