Inside the Ward

It's really awful to be there. To be stuck for a day or even more is worse to worst. You cannot see and enjoy the world around you and you will miss being with the people you love. The only consolation you get is that every time you feel pain, you feel secure with your life (or maybe NOT) inside a hospital.

Yesterday, I was in the office and was preparing for a lunch date with officemates when my phone rang. It was my mom. I did not answer her because I was still on the phone talking with a writer. Then I forgot about her call. While lunching, I got another call from a different number, twice. And I have this habit of not answering calls unlisted in my phone's directory. So I ignored it.

And then an SMS came saying my Mom was rushed to the hospital. I was in disbelief because mom and I texted each other that morning and she never mentioned of going to Gensan. She came from Marbel, an hour's drive away from Gensan. She and a friend came over to get their transcript of records from their school where she got her MA.

And so I and hubby rushed to the hospital and found Mom in the ER, hooked with an IV, bp: 220/180. She had a vertigo attack while having snacks in Jollibee.

And so i called home to inform my sisters. They will bring Mom's personal needs and has to take care of other necessary stuffs for Philhealth. No private room available, not even semi-private but ward. Yes, I stayed in the ward for 8 long hours. 8 female patients of different diagnosis, and my mom being the youngest looking of them.

8 long hours and it was terrible. The hospital was okay, clean and ventilated, but the feeling of confinement was just too difficult to deal with. And mom was very aggressive to go home and even wanted to be discharged against medical advice. Maybe because of the uneasy feeling of staying inside a hospital. Different diseases, different people, way too noisy nurses and visitors. Maybe I would have felt relaxed if she was in a private room, but the reason that she is in the ward is the number of patients admitted in the hospital. Way too many. Imagine the money and time lost, and the good things you will miss while being confined.

Hayyyy, take care of your health guys. It's an awful place, the hospital. I am inspired now to really be healthy for me and the family, as I cannot take the lost days spent in a hospital. I am not rich enough to waste my time and money there. Bawal magkasakit, so get a good healthy life!


princess_dyanie said…
get well soon to mother! oo tama bawal magkasakit!
Anonymous said…
how's your mom now, sheng? i hope her vitals signs are now better than that of her admitting; soaring high and BP! i'm sure she had a thorough work up done.

the agony of being in the ward cramped with patients, and most of the time doesn't look like a hospital as tidy as it should be, have to be addressed to proper authorities who should always look after the welfare and health of patients and employees.

if only govenment officials have proper budget allocation to improvement of hospitals, in all aspects, not only structural but more importantly salaries of healthcare providers, then everyone will be benefited.

mahirap at mahal talaga magkasakit saang sulok man ng pinas! we have to try our best to stay healthy.
HalfCrazy said…
I suggest answering calls even if they're not listed on your phone directory. Most of the time, it could be someone you know who wants to talk to you immediately about something important, else they wouldn't be finding other ways to contact you.

I can be a little hypochondriac (feeling may sakit na malala pero wala lang talaga, OA lang) sometimes. I don't eat food na alam kong magiging masama para sa kalusugan ko.

Take care of yourself and your Mom, Sheng.

It sucks being in a Hospital. I know because I've been confined of Dengue for a week. Imagine missing loads of stuff in a week.
witsandnuts said…
I hope your mother is in good shape now. Take care!
nakakataranta yun.

pray na ok na ok na ang iyong nanay!
bertN said…
Was this the first time she had a vertigo attack? It is scary but I think it is not uncommon to older folks. I hope your Mom is OK now.
Sleepless in KL said…
Sheng, I hope she takes her medication religiously after this. My uncle passed away because of a heart attack due to high blood pressure!
the donG said…
ang hirap nga ng ganun hindi ko pa nasubukan yung ganun. kaya tama dapat talaga alagaan ang kalusugan kaya ako kontrolado sa kinakain may disiplina naman.
kg said…
get well soon to your mom sheng! hirap talaga magkasakit!
The Scud said…
hope you're mom is doing fine now. btw, i dont like hospitats. it saps the joy out of you. depressing.
Redlan said…
am pretty sure your mom is better na. uso talaga heat stroke or whatsoever kahit flue nagaatake ngayon. kaya ingat tayo.
TPS said…
Hi Sheng. I hope your mom is okay now.
Reena said…
i hope she's feeling better now. ive been and out of the hospital din last week bec of lola. we all have to take care of ourselves tlga.
AngelMD-No-More said…
hope your mom's ok na mama sheng...i think she needs to be more compliant to her antihypertensive medications if there are any.=) about the hospital ward, need i comment how bad it really is?hahaha ironic but ugly wards like these feel like home to us. we have to love them no matter how we loathe being in a hospital.heheheh
Kayni said…
I hope your Mom's doing well now. Please tell her to feel better. Hmmm...even with my constant hospital visits, I still don't like hospitals.
Ibyang said…
sending you positive vibes sheng, not only to your mother (hope she is well now) but also to the rest of your family.

no matter what age we are in, we must never abuse the health condition we have. like you, i always want my family to be safe and healthy.

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