Earning Extra, Your Take on This

Have you noticed the increase in your electric charges lately? It's surging high! Even we here in General Santos, who by the way experiences brownouts to the tune of 9-12 hours daily are victims. With daily brownouts of last month, we were billed P612. As of yesterday, we were billed P750. Last month, we stayed home longer than this month since we had the longest vacation because of the holy week. Meaning, last month could have spelled higher electric charge than this month considering our usage.

Just last week, I had the kids enrolled. The cashier told me they increased the P890 to P980 as monthly tuition. Gosh! And I am now paying for two since Tabebs is already ready for school in Kinder 1.

Our water consumption is just the same as before but we were billed 312 when for many months now, we have not even reached their minimum of P192. Hayyy, I can only sigh at thea searing prices of basic commodities today. And gas prices is increasing daily! Gahhh.

It is depressing to know that prices are higher now, but the wages and pay seems to be in its status quo. Even if hubby and I are doing our jobs well, the pay does not cover the monthly expenses we have at home. It's a good thing that sometime we get extra income by doing extra on the side jobs. (June is coming soon, and I am praying for more clients to come visit us.)

Well, I have been thinking of giving up my present job before but i don't think it will help since I have not found a better one, so I'm thinking of an online job that will offer flexible working time for me.

Have you any experience with this? Please let me know what you think about online jobs. They say it pays real good. I am crossing my fingers for this idea, and letting God take over.

Happy day to you!


kg said…
sheng, i loooove your new layout!!!

the doe has said that the increase in electricity charge is valid [daw]. may increas daw kasi sa charge ng kung sino man. whatever it is, sana naman maresolve because electricity bills going twice the amount is ridiculous! as in!
bertN said…
Ay naku, maski dito sa amin everything is going up except women's skirt LOL. Just kidding.

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