Back to School, First Day of School

I'm kinda' queasy today, for tomorrow, my daughter will be heading to school already. This is her first ever formal schooling, we had enrolled her on summer classes before, Vacation Bible classes too, and the teacher who dealt with her in school recommended her to mid-morning session (the A section). Tomorrow is my daughter's first day of school.

Tabebs is entering Kinder 1, we have decided not to enroll her on Nursery because we decided on teaching Tabebs everything that they teach in Nursery. We gave her books and at 3, she already knows how to write her name, better than those who have passed Nursery. She can already count from 1 to 20, and has memorized every color in the color wheel, and even knows a little of addition.

But why am I anxious for tomorrow? Because for the first time, Tabebs will be settling for school. And she, being our youngest is still a baby for us.

Biboy is entering Grade 4 tomorrow. Look how fast time has sped. In due time, I will be guarding him, with his cellphones' messages, Facebook statuses, etc. I need to watch for his study habits,
reviews and make sure he makes his assignments before other things. Tomorrow, Biboy will be back to school.

We only have two kids, and at the age 0f 32, my husband 33, we have been dealing with our own family with the least of help from our parents. We struggled to bring the kids to a fine private school, helped each other in raising the kids well, and providing the best for the family. And still, we need to do our best, tighten belts, work double time, and be very industrious in preparing for their future. We need to make sure they perform well in school, too.

I feel the kids' excitement to meet old friends and classmates and to meet their new teachers. Tabebs' eagerness to go to school makes me a proud mama. And I am just praying that the Lord will bless my kids as they enter another environment that will help shape them - their school.

Way to go kids! Make us proud parents!


Gilbert Yap Tan said…
Good luck, Tabebs! Make your parents proud! :)
Redlan said…
Sa lahat ng bagay yung mga magulang ang mas excited sa mga anak. from first day in school at hanggang sa ikakasal sila.

Ako nun takot pumasok. Takot sa guro. Iba na ang kabataan ngayon, mas strong at confidence sila. Kaya goodluck kay tabebs and biboy.
Anonymous said…
you are such a sweet mama sheng, and i feel how much you value your family. you should be proud of yourself! i'm sure your kids will be fine because you have taught them well.
the donG said…
ngayon pa pala magaaral si tabebs niyo. kala ko malaki na siya.

busy mom ka nga. lagi ka naman busy. hehehe... you deserve another break.
docgelo said…
i know how you feel, sheng.
mas excited pa tayong parents sa pagpasok sa school ng mga bagets kaysa sa kanila =)
...our gabby's 1st day will be tomorrow, june 17; prep, his last year in preschool.

good luck to your kids and kudos to the proud parents!
Eds said…
ha, time flies so fast. both your kids eh nag aaral na.

goodluck tabebs!
Ela said…
Hi Sheng,

Kamusta first day ni Tabebs sa school? Nagising ba siya ng 10am?

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