The Red Tent Steakhouse - Gensan

I have always loved food although I am not really a good food writer. But I know good food when I see one! So when the the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers headed to lake Sebu, we ended up feasting at The Red Tent Steakhouse in Gensan.

We were kinda uneasy because of the tired legs we have, and the sticky feeling just won't let go, but after that we saw the food, they are just the best!

Owned by Dexter and Dina Dumaran, close kins of the man, Mr Gilbert Tan, this place is a relaxing haven where one can eat, talk, dilly-dally, drink cooffee and surf. Yes, they're wifi hotspot!

T-bone Steak, very juicy and tender!

TRTS Crown Rib

This is the first time I have seen this dish. Although I admit I have not tasted this because it was too far from us, I have wanted to grab the platter and get the feel of the ribs! But I know by just the looks of it, and by the drool on my fellow bloggers' faces, this is a special dish!

Crab in Garlic Sauce

And i was so filled because of this really delicious crab in garlic sauce because I'm a real sucker for crustaceans! Very nice and extremely delectable.

These are the yummy treats they've prepared for us!

And these are US enjoying the sumptuous meal!

Dexter has been into the business for long, but this food hub he made was conceptualized even before they got married. so I can only tell The RED Tent Steakhouse is a labor of love. Called because of the literal red color of their tent, one will surely go red if he has not tasted any of the menus in The Red Tent Steakhouse. Some dishess were away from us so we haven't had a chance to take shots, but they're worth all the appreciation!

Thank you The Red Tent Steakhouse, Dexter and Dina, and Sir Gilbert for making us happy bloggers!

I'll see more of that crab soon, very very soon! And hey, they also have smoothies, cocktails and mocktails, and their cream puffs are really yummy desserts. They have more in store for you!

The Red Tent Steakhouse is located at

Mabuhay Linmax Shell Compound
Mabuhay Rd. cor Yumang Street
Brgy. City Heights, Gensan City

You may call them for advance orders and inquiry at


The Red Tent Steakhouse
More Than Just Great Steaks!


orman said…
i was pleasantly surprised with the new viands which RED TENT served that night... promise, babalik ako dun with my friends...
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
Thanks Sheng for this delectable review! :)
Gay said…
Yes, they have upgraded their menus. Red Tent is our (officemates) tambayan for drinks and pulutan that's why I'm familiar with the food and service.
waahhh nagugutom ako...nmiss ko na ang pinoy food...
witsandnuts said…
Wow, the crown rib looks so inviting! I will try to replicate that crab in garlic sauce. =)
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Ibyang said…
wow ang sasarap naman nyan. buti na lang nagla-lunch ako kundi magugutom ako.

kakaiba yung crown ribs. i like it!
the donG said…
first to see a crown rib. whoa! looks like one yummy night there sheng! dami niyo.
docgelo said…
the steak and the ribs had me; but the crab in garlic sauce looks more inviting to me! sarap naman nyan, sheng! =)
teeni said…
Sheng! You are a fantastic food blogger and your photos are outstanding! So please do not say you are not good at it! As a matter of fact, I think your blog has been making me fat because it makes me hungry when I read these posts. haha. This steakhouse looks great and I like that you tell a little background about the owners. Now I need to go find a snack because the Red Tent Steakhouse is too far away from me.
richard said…
hi sheng. nice meeting you...

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