The Sweet Tooth Attack

I have been craving for a lot of foods lately. From spaghetti, cheesecake, chocolate cake, ice cream and batchoy. The food i am drooling for actually depends on the weather.

The other day, because it was so hot and humid, I wanted a chocolate ice cream paired with a blueberry cheesecake.

Yesterday, the husband was resting because of flu, I suggested i get him batchoy because it was raining and cold. He refused it.

And now, i wanted something sweet. No, it's not what you think. I am not expecting! I am just too stressed that these sinfully delicious goodies could make me water and I wanted so much to get. But then again, we don't have KK here. I got two boxes of these when Marian came to Davao and we met there bringing me these yummy delights.

And I want it again! Oh noes! What could be wrong with me? Calories, hello there! i just might myself a chocolate cake later then.


the donG said…
whoa! wait as kk begins opening branches outside metro manila.

hmmm... now im also wondering if i will resist eating batchoy if im sick.
docgelo said…
sarap ng krispy kreme! nakakawa ang craving mo, sheng! haha.. :)

my unsolicited prescription to your husband with flu : give him your sweetest yakap-sule and kiss-perin (nyek, corny!)... LOL!
seriously, hopes he gets better soon. mahirap at mahal magkasakit.

..kain na lang tayo batchoy! (i've tasted an authentic one when i was in capiz years ago.)
jeanny said…
Medyo nag bawas na ako ng pagkain ng KK donuts. Kasi natatamisan na ko. The last time I had these donuts was hmmmm...january pa ata.

Anyway, sana magka KK na rin dyan para accessible sa 'yo pag may kk cravings ka.
kg said…
sheng, punta ka dito manila and I'll get you one whole box just for yourself! :)

have a great sunday sheng! mwah! go satisfy that sweet tooth!
sarap ha. I miss KK's original glazed! but I often crave for cakes/ muffins more than doughnuts, haha.
Reena said…
hala ka sheng! stress eating yan! lol. :)

pero if ganyan ba naman ang kakainin, who can't resist diba?
Redlan said…
what do you mean by expecting? naglilihi o darating ang bisita? Sabi nga hindi naman. Sa pagkakaalam ko mahilig ka talaga sa matatamis gaya ni dyanie.
Ibyang said…
ganyan din ako pag stressed, biglang nahihilig sa sweets kahit wala naman akong sweet tooth.

happy week!
Eds said…
go go sheng satisfy that sweet tooth. sana soon magkaroon na ng kk jan sa gensan.

have a happy week sheng.
yummy! samahan pa yan ng mainit na kape..:)
upto6only said…
hehehe just had KK this week. sarap cya with brewed coffee para mabawasan yung tamis.
wow nice blog hope u would like to visit mine also
princess_dyanie said…
sweets talaga ang katapat pag stressed no? we love sweets! apir! :)
Anonymous said…
wow my absolute favorite! but i must admit i only try to eat the original glazed ones kasi too sweet na yung iba eh! now i'm craving!
Heart of Rachel said…
Yummy! I'm also hoping a KK branch will open nearby.

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