300 is an Achievement

This is my 300th post. Congratulate me! I do think this is one achievement, but I believe I should really blog more often.

I have come this far, sharing to you 300 posts about my life, my environment and my family. Everything is good when shared with friends. I am grateful that I am blessed with good friends who share my sentiments, listen to me, and give me their two cents when I need it. I am grateful that you are all friendly and patient of my rants and raves.

It's the start of Christmas, and I am excited. Who doesn't get excited about Christmas? Me, super excited because this Christmas, I will be reuniting with my best friend, she and her partner will be coming home, and we will be celebrating the season on our neighborhood. That's one reason to be happy, right? And this Christmas, hopefully, things will turn out from good to better.

I do have a Christmas wish list, but these are material things I need, as I am already blessed with the more valuable stuffs.For one, I think I need a new phone, one that's wifi-ready. I need it for my daily online work, as I can at least send articles using my phone. Or better yet, an ipod touch will be better.
I also need some shirts as I have noticed that my old clothes have become too clingy. Hubby says I should shed off some fat, am I fat at 53 kilos?

And lastly, been eyeing a bicycle for the kids, and for me too, so I think I need to buy one for us soon.
We still have 114 days before Christmas, so there's still time to save up. What's your Christmas wish? Whisper your non-material wishes to God, but you can whisper the material wants in my comments section. Who knows, you might get what you wish for.


orman said…
another milestone in your blogging life! congrats sheng!
Gay said…
Congrats, Sheng!!!
Eds said…
yay! congrats sheng. more post to come. good luck.

i wish to have my own laptop or a phone that is wifi ready too.
kg said…
53 kilos is NOT fat! not unless you stand at 3 feet and 5 inches! he he!

congrats sheng! please continue blogging! mwah! :)
upto6only said…
wow galing 300 posts. sana maka abot din ako nyan hehehe.
kayni said…
300 posts...congratulations. you have a nice list. i hope you'll get all of them this christmas. i still have to make mine.

happy weekend.
Anonymous said…
it is funny how i have eyed my 300th post for so long but i am still far, LOL so congratulations sheng. i agree with the wifi ready phone, best thing you can ever do. love the color coordinated closet, never will happen to me, LOL! the bike, go for it! and merry christmas :)
Reena said…
wow, ang dami na! congrats! i think i have less than 200 posts palang eh.

i like the bike!
mordsith said…
did a post on aiming for not-so-grand gift for myself this coming Christmas... and I cam up with the foot spa machine from Watson's!!! Can't wait. :D
Ibyang said…
congratulations!!! i'm glad to be a party of your blog life, i'm happy i got to you know thru this medium.

sana lahat ng wish mo matupad :)
Fickle Cattle said…
That bike is lovely. I want one too. :-)

Redlan said…
Congrats Sheng. At sana ma-achieve mo rin yang mga wishes mo. soo soon.

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