Me and Motherhood, and One Big Question

In case you don't know, I am just around, I have not been elsewhere,but am having a lot of thoughts to consider.

First, my migraine simply won't let me sleep and the serious migraine attacks I've had the past week seem to be terrible that I'd love to give my brain a rest from all the reading, I want to resign from work (day job) before the year ends in order for me to rest the eyes and the brain from the pressure it gets.

Secondly, I am also busy with the online job which I think gives me better compensation than what I get from the office. So I am stuck with the notion of this, will I resign or not. Resigning from work means I can rest the eyes and brain, but not having the salary, however, I still earn at home and bigger too, though, I know that an online job is not that stable. I can even take care of the kids better. What do you say, of course it's pressure just thinking about it, but I am praying for God's direction, you know I have been wanting a new job since last year, and I still haven't got it. I got me an online job instead, but it is better than nothing, right?

So there, this one's already a pain in the head to think over, but if you can, give me some piece of your thoughts.

Oh, and I have a new place where I kinda frequent, hop on over there if you want to read some mommyhood tips and my 2 cents in life. It's called Mother Instincts.


kg said…
hope you feel better sheng!

i know what you mean about the online's a dilemma for us also. :)
TPS said…
You should have your migraine checked. What I thought were migraine attacks turned out to be hypertension.
I recently resigned and am working freelance and, finances aside, I'm having the best days of my life.
Eds said…
i hope you feel much better now sheng.

happy monday to you!
pamatayhomesick said…
hi sheng,
sa sobrang trabaho rin, saka pagod minsan, hindi sa pangangatawan kundi sa pagiisip, minsan di makatulog...hope you feel better now sheng..t.c.
docgelo said…
i know you'll be guided on what to do; what to pursue or take a rest in favor of health, family and other concerns. prayers are indeed powerful! be well always, sheng!
dong ho said…
im sure you can earn even more if you already focus in the online job. but yes it's good that you give time thinking before you decide.

online job will give you more time for your family.
witsandnuts said…
I hope you feel better now and that your family is in good health.
upto6only said…
naku better to check your eyes baka kaya laging sumasakit ang ulo mo dahil mataas na grado ng mata mo. if you think that your online job is something na pang matagalan then go for it. pero cympre iba a din yung may work ka. you can resign and look for a better job and maintain yung online job mo para continous pa din yung income.

just pray and He'll give you the right answer :)
kayni said…
feel better. i'll pray that you'll make the right decision for yourself and your family.
Nortehanon said…
Just a shout-out from a fellow "migraine sufferer" haha!

Hope it won't be bothering you anymore.
princess_dyanie said…
late man ako pero lam mo naman you will always have me pag kelangan mo ng kausap ah. hugs!!!
joecords said…
how can you give quality time to someone u love, when u yourself cant avail.. life is to short in making and planning decision... it fit u grab if not grab a new one.. he he

sounds like me..

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