The Rainbow Warrior

There will come a time when the Earth grows sick and when it does a tribe will gather
from all the cultures of the World who believe in deeds and not words.
They will work to heal it...they will be known as the "Warriors of the Rainbow."

As member of the International organization Greenpeace, I was amazed that they were visiting General Santos City and bringing Rainbow Warrior for the whole generals to witness. What is even more amazing is that, The SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers were invited by Greenpeace to go aboard the ship on a VIP treatment, that means without having to line up just to be admitted and tour the boat on limited time.

I brought the kids with me hoping they could have a glimpse of the ship, but I am glad I did because they got more than the glimpse, they got a lesson to learn about the advocacy of the ship and Greenpeace.

MY Rainbow Warrior is is part of a three strong fleet of the Greenpeace ships, she took her name from an old native American prophecy as seen above. The ship has a lot of stories and one of the best is that it brings information to the people around the world about what we are doing to destroy our world, and teaching us how we can counter the attacks that we are doing, in short, it teaches us how to save Mother Nature.

MY Rainbow Warrior

Bloggers going aboard the ship

Amrit, the Indian crew wearing blue, talks about the stories they had with the Rainbow Warrior and how some people have attacked the ship, and yet failing to move it.

Aboard the ship!
My family aboard the ship

Bloggers pose for a group shot on the rudder

You know how much I love Mother earth and how I have been trying my best to do my part in saving her. It's just that so many people yet, do not know their part, and my hats are off to Greenpeace especially their crew, who has loved it very much that they do volunteer works just to spread the news in turning the tide, protecting the world from coal power plants and instead use renewable energy and saving energy as well

Renewable energy is good, it will not be a danger to the environment, and will not endanger us from the effects of global warming which, unknowingly to others is happening now.

I say we must do our part in saving the world getting warmer and warmer because of the things we do to destroy it. We can at least save it by spreading the news and ask the president to join us in enforcing renewable energy and not destroy the world by allowing investors who will kill Mother nature by setting up Coal Power Plants in our areas.

Let us help turn the tide! Let us all yearn for a greener world and greener Philippines! Click the link here to read more about Greenpeace and Rainbow Warrior, and the SOCCSKSARGEN Blogger's visit aboard the ship.


kg said…
cool! i bet the kids enjoyed the tour!
Eds said…
it's nice that you brought your kids there. for sure nag enjoy sila at meron pa silang ibibida sa kanilang mga kaibigan.
princess_dyanie said…
At bakit di nakatingin si Tabebs sa mga pics? Ahihihi :D
dong ho said…
kakabilib talaga ang gen san bloggers. di nahuhuli sa mga ganito.

buti na lang na meet ko na yung iba diyan
BlogusVox said…
Have they mentioned who finance their endeavor? They've been all over the world fighting all sorts of anti-nature what ever. Surely they don't get money from hand-outs. Somebody must be financing them.
sheng said…
@Blogusvox, Greenpeace does not get sources/funds from companies, whether multi-national or international or even local, when they promote their advocacies, they go to malls and ask for donations from individuals like a beggar does, only to help their fundings. And because of their mission, people find it good and donate more. That was mentioned a couple of times on the tour.
Lawstude said…
yay. nice to see the family here in this post. asteeg.

we all need to do our part to save the only livable planet we have :)
docgelo said…
super active ang bloggers dyan sa inyo! daming social advocacy. nice!
Admin said…
Hi sheng! hehehe.. borgee here! kamusta namo? hehehe.. Gimingaw nako ninyo tanan.. super naging busy building career.. Char! Palaboy nman gd ko karon.hehe.. i changed some of my blog narin and ang magiging active ko na blog ngayon TekiGenSan. Kitakits ta ninyo puhon.. Kmusta pd ko kyawster and Kuya Avel.. hehe. Salamat! Godbless and Merry Christmas! ^^,

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