The Real World

It's just my second day in the new office, the Department of Labor and Employment and with my 2 days there, I have realized that I truly have a lot to be thankful for. And, I am grateful that I am more blessed than the others out there.

Realizations flooded through me while just observing people getting in and out of the office. I realized that the many people who needed work were too much to ignore.

On my first day as I was seated on the first table from the entrance, I was approached by a lanky girl who asked where she could get a permit for the minors. I asked how old she was and why she wants one. She told me her parents can no longer send her to school, and that at 16, she has to look for work and help pay the bills in her home.My second day went through with encoding skilled worker registrants, and the pile was heaps. I remember encoding a civil engineer with his license still new for he has just passed the civil engineering licensure, and he is looking for work. The form asks what job you'd like to get, and his answer was plain and simple: service crew.

I pity them, there are a lot of jobless people in the country, most of them misplaced or even laid off in their particular works, and are willing to gamble their intelligence just because they need a job, be it a simple service crew position. Gone are the days when a licensed civil engineer is being hunted down by good companies for the reason that you have passed the exams. Gone are the days when almost all parents need to send their children to school and get diplomas, today, some parents are willing to let the kids stop school just to earn for a living. This may be painful for the parents, but had they some choice, I wonder if this will be their move.

Sorry for them may be a harsh thing to say but I truly am sorry. I know not why this has happened to our dear fellowmen, of course we all have our reasons for not getting to good school, not having to get good jobs, and not having to get support from the government. If only I can make this world a harmonious place to live in, I would gladly wave my magic wand.

But truth is, that is something I cannot do. I want the best for these people, but in my heart, maybe even in the president's heart, he cannot just make magic out of this hubris from our other government officials. Their arrogance and ignorance of the situation just makes it all the more worse for the country.

But there's one thing we can do, we can PRAY!

Work to eat!


eks said…
i once joined an NGO focusing on helping of of school youth. it makes you re-think if there really is justice and fairness in this world. (but then again, who says life's gonna be fair?)

goodluck, sheng! :-)
dong ho said…
great start though you face some concerns like that but when you look at it positively... youll definitely be grateful and at the same able to help.
BlogusVox said…
It's a pity that in our own country we have "over-qualified" service crew.
docgelo said…
mahirap talaga maghanap ng trabaho dyan sa atin; kahit nga double or triple degree pa; hirap mag job hunt. then if you managed to find one, it's either pay is minimal or doesn't offer career growth.
i wish authorities will take this issues seriously.
...masipag at matalino naman ang pinoy, kadalasan wala lang oportunidad. :(
Eds said…
so isa ka na ring government employee. welcome and goodluck sheng.
Anonymous said…
agree with BlogusVox. yun yung masaklap. lisensiyadong inhinyero, gustong maging service crew para lang kumita ng pera. napakaraming mali sa society naten para pumayag ng ganoon ang isang registered professional. nakakalungkot at nakaka-galit talaga.
Anonymous said…
very true sheng. very true.
bertN said…
During the late 60's it was already hard for a college graduate to get a decent job or any job, for that matter. Lalo na siguro ngayon. Mabuti na lang marami sa atin ang nakapagtratrabaho sa abroad(as tnt, ofw or immigrants). Kung wala yang outlet na yan, paano na?
Reena said…
wow, u have new work na pala. :) take it as a challenge. i hope you'll be able to help a lot of people.
mordsith said…
these day, graduating from college doesn't seem much of a plus. It doesn't guarantee work; on the other hand, there are those call centers where you need no diploma.

hirap humanap ng magandang trabaho talaga!

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