The Day I Became Santa Claus

This is the way to one of the earth's heavens. Three luxury cars, and a dump truck, all on its way towards being Santa Clauses!

It has been in my heart to serve the people of my land, and to give what is there to share, and to teach my kids to share what they also have.

What's best is that, we were invited by the Rotary Club of Polomolok to join them in their gift-giving also in Purok Palakasam, in Polomolok. So before we proceeded to Kinilis, we went with the Rotary Club to Palakasam and deliver their gifts.

Giving this bag filled with love, RC Polomolok's project tagged as "Shoebox Full of Love" is on their 6th year and we bloggers, joining them is a plus point, an extraordinary chance.

The bloggers doing a "bayanihan" act in order to reach the mountains and the community in Palakasam.
It is but a pleasure to have the gifts delivered to them, I was teary-eyed when I was asked to speak in behalf of the bloggers about the project since I was the one who facilitated everything for this gift-giving but the bloggers were able to put in their best effort to help. I could not contain my tears, and they just flowed because I was too overjoyed that some people have genuine hearts to consider the needs of their fellows, and generous enough to share.

After the gift-giving, the community in Palakasam had a feeding session where they served us the best arroz caldo I have ever tasted using their harvest of organic rice and native chicken.

But of course, the generosity didn't end there. We proceeded to where we will hold the Medical-Dental Mission organized by the RC Polomolok, and with us delivering gifts as well to the community of Kinilis. The treacherous road and the heat of the burning sun did not stop us from moving forward, and even with the "new luxury cars" the Rotarians drove, that did not stop them nor made them turn back from being good and generous people.

Stuck! Too steepy hill to climb.

But we made it just in time!

Unloading gifts to people of Prk. 8, Brgy Kinilis, Polomolok.

This time, being my third to go up to Kinilis and our second as SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers, we have with us gifts, used clothings and food for the children, just in time for their Christmas party. Rosilie and I donated used clothings and bags, Brother Vince donated school supplies, Donna Mae donated sandwiches, Nanardz gave 5 boxes of tetra pack juices, Rabsky gave his old pencils and the rest gave their precious time and energy to go with us.

The Rotarians, together with Interact were there to help us, and conducted their Medical-Dental Mission as well, their part in sharing their love to the indigenous people of the town.

What excited me the most is that I brought my son, Biboy, to the mountains. I wish that he'd learn giving value on the things he has right now, and share what extra he has. I wanted him to learn to share to others especially the most needy. The kids in Kinilis were more than happy to receive even just a piece of candy, because it's seldom that they eat candies.

We went home as happy bloggers and our hearts were filled with hope, that soon, other people would follow what we have started, and in the future, there will be more things to share with them.

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers and Rotary Club of Polomolok 101, I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!


kg said…
Sheng, i'm so happy that there are people like you. God bless you people!
this one is so noble, sheng!
mabuhay ka! *naks!*
nanardxz said…
Thanks te She for starting all this, marami pang communities sa southCot ang maaring puntahan natin.. we'll have project like this sa Tambayan next year.. :)
bertN said…
More power to you and your group! Merry Christmas!!
lynette g. said…
thank you for sharing your time and resources to the people of kinilis and palakasam. you and the rest of the Sox Bloggers made a difference in those people's lives just by showing them a little peace of heaven. God bless all of you!
dong ho said…
walaang kwenta ang pasko pag ikaw lang ang nagbebenepisyo. kaya astig ang mga outreach sa pasko.

santa sheng regalo ko?
kayni said…
This is a wonderful experience. You have a generous heart. Keep on giving, Santa Sheng.
TPS said…
At first glance, akala ko "Sex Bloggers" yung nakalagay sa ecobag.

What you're doing is utterly sweet and generous. God bless!
Jeanny said…
congratulations sa inyo. Im so proud that you are my friend shend. :)

Merry Christmas sa inyo!
upto6only said…
congratulation Sheng for doing a great jog :)
Anonymous said…
oh santa you are so cool for doing this! i know the good karma will bounce back!
mordsith said…
It warms my heart whenever I hear of these stories. I'm so glad I know someone like you. =)
princess_dyanie said…
aawwww so proud of you sheng!! :)
Reena said…
this is a nice way to celebrate Christmas. to be able to share your blessings to the unfortunate ones
JoyfullyJanet said…
Sheila <3 You are truly a Gift From God! <3

Thank you for sharing your photos and your story.

Christmas day I was at my Jewish uncle's house with his children and grandchildren. When you ask the 3 year old "What is Christmas?" He says "It's the day we get to GIVE everybody presents!"

While I've always "thought" that way, I never "taught" that way. The best gift that I've gotten in years was to hear that 3 year old say "It's the day we GET TO GIVE presents!"

I'm sorry that I missed the opportunity to provide you with some extra funds for your mission. Please let me know the next time that you make such a trip.

You ARE joy Ms. Sheila!!!!!! <3

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