A Gift to Self

I have truly been a good girl this year, methinks. I know that because evaluating what I have done for 2010, I felt I have been OC for improvement, well, not that everything has been an improvement because I also failed in a number of stuffs on my list.

But yes, the blessings have been overflowing, everything else has been good. The Lord has been faithful in granting us provisions, good health and importantly, a good and understanding family, followed by lots of friends.

This year, before 2010 closes, I have received gifts from people I know, from my dear blogger friends who has been following me, and from my husband too, albeit small, it was one of the best. But the best thing I got this Christmas is what I have long been asking for, and wanting for. It is not a gift given me by somebody else, but it is something I gave myself.

The BIL bought this for me in Iloilo City, but I have to pay for it in exchange for something else. Nevertheless, I am happy. I have always wanted to have my old phone replaced not because it is old and useless, because my old phone still is as sturdy as can be, just that, I needed to have it replaced for a job reason.

This LG Optimus One is an Android phone, thus, it can help me in my Internet connection needs, and eventually when my schedule is relaxed like coffee breaks and lunch breaks, I can do my researches, write articles and submit my online job requirements.

I still love my old reliable phone, it's been a Nokia 6680 with a 3G capability. I have never been a high-maintenance person, so my old phone can actually stay with me even for life. For more than 5 years, it has been truly helpful to me, even in my blogging, I can just open Quikword and create my articles on it. However, now that I have another job to take care of, I need one that can not only help me in creating my articles, but in researching as well, so I need to be hooked online while having to draft my articles, and that's what's good with an Android phone.

I am not a tech-y person, I am even more of a tech-idiot, but sometimes you would want everything done in your spare time that I itch to write, and I just need to have this.

Congratulations to me. =)


kg said…
ako, i have bulok cellphone. promise! it works for me though dahil call and text lang naman ako. he he!
jeanny said…
fab!!!congratulation shengskie!
Lawstude said…
what a great year 2010 has been.

happy holidays and all the best for the coming year :)
docgelo said…
while gadgets are cheaper than P10K more in penang compared to their prices here and my colleagues are having iphone 4, ipad and whatnot,kagaya ni kg, kami din ni tina are keeping super ultra mega bulokis na cellphone; n70 circa forgotten na ata. parang more than 4 years na ata, o 6.. hahaha..

good for you sheng, you deserve more!
dong ho said…
you deserve that sheng as ive said in plurk. sa kabaitan at kasipagan mo.

im sure youll find more features when you begin to master the phone.
upto6only said…
nice cellphone sheng. you really deserve this.
mordsith said…
yey!!! i'm glad you've rewarded yourself after a long year of hardwork. Merry Christmas! =)
Reena said…
aha!!! yan ba yung may angry birds? hahaha. goodluck in the new year! more blessings to come@!
princess_dyanie said…
Kaya pala puro laro ang mga bagets ahihihi :P

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