Tuesday, December 14

I Like...

Well, just a random though on the things I like and don't like...

1. I like reading, in fact I love reading.
2. I like chocolates, despite the migraine.
3. I like Anthony Taberna.
4. I like backpack bags.
5. I like Razon's halo-halo.
6. I like Fossil watches.
7. I like travelling.
8. I like to sleep, but I don't have much time to dwell on it. Bummer.
9. I like kids.
10. I like gadgets.
11. I like blogging.
12. I like to be kissed when I arrive home.
13. I like being hugged by the kids and the husband.
14. I like to be praised, who doesn't?
15. I like ice cream.
16. I like balut.
17. I like flowers.
18. I like my red Google shirt, which I'm wearing now.
19. I like blogger friends.
20. I like gifts, care to send me one?

There's a lot of things to really like.

What I do not like.

1. I do not like talong and sitaw.
2. I do not like being sick.
3. I do not like gossip-mongers.
4. I do not like people who pull you down.
5. I do not like my old office, people there make me feel sad.
6. I do not like being pestered.
7. I do not like Willie Revillame.
8. I do not like crimes.
9. I do not like watching Filipino movies in cinemas.
10. I do not like horror movies.
11. I do not like washing the laundry.
12. I do not like cats.
13. I do not like worms.
14. I do not like mosquitoes, do you?
15. I do not like office politics.
16. I do not like skirts.
17. I do not like cigarette and second hand smoke.
18. I do not like being late in going to the office.
19. I do not like migraine.
20. I do not like super spicy foods.

What about you? Care to share what you like and do not like?

Thanks for this, PM.


kg said...

nice one sheng! i see that we have some likes and dislikes in common!

"I like gifts, care to send me one?"
--la ka pa narereceive? :)

nanardxz said...

I like this post .. :)

upto6only said...

ang cute naman. heheheang hirap mag isip. Ang pinakamadali "I Like Pink" hahahaha

kayni said...

nice list :)

i do not like gossip mongers too.

bertN said...

It will take a long time to list the things I do not like and a longer time to list the people who do not like me LOL.

dong ho said...

I like my red Google shirt, which I'm wearing now.>>> picture naman!

i like horror movies. hehehe... ayaw mo pala nun.

prinsesamusang said...

yay sheng! don't like cats? LOL sa haba ng list yun lang nakita eh no? haha