Me, Today

Well, I'm really kind of busy because of so many things and all these are important. first and foremost, today starts my second month in Dept.of Labor and Employment. We will be having a jobs fair this coming December 6 and 7, and I have been busy calling employers for their vacancies. This make me active in trying to reach out to employers in order for unemployed people to be given jobs, doing this my way, I can at least be part of giving them better future without them knowing it.

This Friday, December 3, my kids will be up on the stage again, I was told that the daughter maintains first honors in her class, and the son, who placed 4th (with 3 ties) was able to place third this time. I was actually expecting a different scenario since he is not that dedicated with his studies and I don't see him exerting efforts with it. So that means, am gonna be a stage mother again tomorrow. Proud momma!

This Saturday, I will be hosting the family day for the school, as VP of the PTCA, we are really busy and i just want this over and done with so I could move on to the next important stuffs.

On December 8, my best friend will be arriving from Dubai and i will be fetching her from the airport, her house is already squaky clean, thanks to me and the husband, and the help we got. Her things are dumped in the MIL's house, and we need to unpack them when she comes, and me wishing I have some stuffs! Haha. Sadly, this will be another sportsfest event in the office, and we are required to be present. I wish I could juggle things.

On December 11, the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers will have a BlogFest, and will be attended by so many respected speakers from anywhere in the country and outside. Husband and I are part of the OrgCom and i am excited about this event.

On December 17, it will be the kid's Christmas parties, and more Christmas parties and the husband's birthday. I wonder how I can meet everything on this said date. On 18, the bloggers will accompany a group of dentists and doctors who will join us in our medical mission to Kinilis, in Mt. Matutum.

On the 20th, my best friend's house will be blessed, and I am making sure the caterers will be there. On December 21, it will be the Regional Office's Christmas party, again, we are required to attend. And on the 23rd, will be my Dad's birthday.

Happy Christmas to me, or should I say, Busy Christmas to me. I have not shopped yet, and don;t even have a list of things to buy, but I definitely am thanking my God for the strength and the blessings. The online employer gave me more than enough to save my Christmas holidays. And to think I have to write 150 articles to submit before the 24th.

So help me, God.

How have you been faring yourself?


nanardxz said…
In demand ka maam :)
kayni said…
phew, that's a lot on your place, but i'm sure you'll breeze through them.

it's slow on my side. i'm just enjoying this quietness right now.
kg said…
grabe sheng! ang dami nyan ha! on the go ka lagi! :)

ako naman, medyo ngayon na nakakaluwag. thank God! :)
Eds said…
wow! in demand ka masyado sheng. goodluck.
princess_dyanie said…
wow ang busy!!!

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