10 Steps to a Good Memory

Well, let us accept it, we are definitely not getting any younger and even younger ones have a way with memory, because sometimes, our memory fails us. It is like a tire that is being used everyday, and so the tire has to wear out and sometimes, flattens, balds over time, and in due time will have to be sent to the shop for a check. The same way goes with our memory, thus in order for us not to bring our memories to the shop, I will share here ten steps to boost your memory. I found this while de-cluttering our house on the first day of the year and has become helpful to me. I considered this as a sign to a good guide to 2011. I hope this guides you as well.

1. Get yourself a sleep. Sleep deprivation lowers your immune system, weakens your defenses against sickness and leads you to mental fatigue and poor memory.

2. Set your body clock. Maintaining a regular body clock is just getting enough sleep. If you go to bed early and rise early, keep it that way. It easily coordinates your body functions to time.

3. An apple a day. Seriously, a well-balanced diet is the most important thing for all the body functions including your memory.

4. Use it or lose it. Exercise your mind, but do not overdo it. Keep reading and learning! This helps your memory not to decline.

5. Calm down. Stress accelerates the aging process. Those who handle stress well are more likely to stay alert than those who don't care and panic.

6. Play mind games. when you cannot run a person's name in your mind, run through the alphabet and listing as many names as possible, you just might hit on his name!

7. A sound mind and a sound body. Exercise. An aerobic exercise does more than conditioning the body. Evidences suggest it has mental benefits as well.

8. Watch your blood pressure. High blood pressure may cause minor stroke that often go unnoticed. If unattended, it may go to a steady mental decline.

9. Get close. Touching, hugging, and holding hands may be good for your mind to improve memory.

10. Take a break. Do something enjoyable like watching movies, be free with nature, listen to the birds chirp, and those activities that really do not need a lot of thinking.

There, I hope you get to enjoy the steps to having a good memory. I got them written on a piece of paper without the author, so don't think it's mine. I just thought it would be best that others will also know. I am that thoughtful of you. Haha! The suggestions are very good, so as early as I am writing this now, I think I'll need an exercise.

An oh, by the way, in case some of you do not know it yet, I have a new blog here. For some motherhood tips and the likes. Visit if you can! Thankies!


kg said…
sheng, thanks for the tips! you know, ever since i gave birth [at naturukan ng anesthesia], i've felt that my memory capability has been slowly deteriorating! ewan ko ba kung may effect yun! he he! so i need these tips!
bertN said…
Thanks for the tips and your concern maski na you are too young to worry about losing your memory. I'm good! So far the only thing I cannot remember well are the people I owe money to LOL.
mordsith said…
i really, really need to have a good memory for law school. too bad, i think i fail in almost all of the 10. hehe. =)
docgelo said…
i have problems on your tip #s 1 and 5. i am deprived of them!
upto6only said…
hahaha pareho kami ni kg :p para nga tutuo yung sabi nila na pag naturukan ka na ng anesthesia eh yung memory mo bababa. I tried using supplements yung may gingko biloba sabi nila it helps daw eh. ewan ko din baka sa isip ko lang.
Ibyang said…
thank you for the tips sheng! this is a good and useful read for busy people like me.

enjoy the rest of the week!
kayni said…
great tips. i certainly need some sleep right now.
Eds said…
thanks for sharing this tips sheng. i need them. sobrang makakalimutin na din ako eh.

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