Hey, That's Government Property!

Well, because it takes a lot of courage to tell somebody senior that she's not doing the right thing if she just prints on government property using the issued "original printer cartridges", I could only cry my heart silently.

Corruption starts with the littlest things like this, bringing home a bundle of bond papers for your family's use, printing your personal calling card on the government office printer, and a lot more.

Sometimes though, we get settled with the fact that the government has a lot more in store, and would not mind a few extra for its constituent employees. The employees too, are comfortable with what they get and consider them as small blessings.

But this just isn't right! Those things these employees enjoy came from the public funds, meaning from taxes they pay to make the government work, and to get even small portions of these government property is already robbing.

Well, I hate to say this, these are small things that run in the system, all the same, it is but CORRUPTION.


kg said…
dong ho said…
Corruption starts with the littlest things like this>>> too bad. quite usual with the filipinos. kelan tayo aangat?
bonedoc said…
brace yourself for more sheng! govt offices are teeming with scumbags!
BlogusVox said…
Alam mo sheng, I was once like you. Every thing should be in black and white and no shade of gray.

But then I realize, hindi ako si superman. I can't save the world on my own. Perhaps we can minimize it but we can't totally eradicate something that's already ingrained in the system... unless we start with a clean slate.

And that's not a pretty picture.
docgelo said…
right on, sheng!
bond paper ng gobyerno iyon, bakit uuwi sa bahay? hala! sabi ng lolo ko dati, pag nagnakaw ka ng singko, magnanakaw ka tyak ng piso. pag nagnakaw ka ng piso, magnanakaw ka ng libo. hmmm, bad! i'm so anti-corruption. i'm always pro just and fairness.
kayni said…
i agree. there's one person here at my work who prints all his outside stuff in the office. he's been given a warning but doesn't listen. i'm not sure what's next for him.

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