"Only in this life can we do good,
in the next, there is no retake."

~ Alice O. Montilla

She's a retired Department of Labor Officer, one I never had the chance to work with. She left the office for a major decision, health. She took a leave and rested just when I was about to enter the institution but, her words and words about her made me appreciate her more.

Last January 12, we went to see her, on her testimonial dinner and her words of thanksgiving caught me glued to my seat just listening to her, thanking the people she had brushed elbows with and those who made an impact in her life.

This inspired me a lot to do good, more good deeds, for it is indeed true, in the next life, we can never have a retake of what we failed to do in this life. My dream of becoming one like her roots on being good, on being the best, on being compassionate to others, for there is nothing more fulfilling than having to offer goodness to others.


kg said…
for there is nothing more fulfilling than having to offer goodness to others-- this is absolutely true sheng! doesn't it feel good to be kind to other people? :)
upto6only said…
that's a nice note to leave. Such an inspiring one.
dong ho said…
kayang kaya mo yan sheng. sa kabaitan mo.
Lainy said…
Hey Sheng! It's great to be back here once more. Been ages since my last bloghop. I wasn't around that much the past couple of months.

This post is inspiring. If I may just quote Albert Pine to motivate us:

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal."

It certainly is a feat if we can achieve that but it's something worth our while.

May you enjoy your weekend in grand style!

All the Best,
prinsesamusang said…
vote sheng for mayor! lol biro lang. i agree. i think giving is a reward in itself. masarap talaga!
bertN said…
If I could have an impact like that on anybody, I'll feel fulfilled and I can consider my life not a total waste, notwithstanding what my friends and foes often say it is. Lucky for me I don't believe any of them LOL.
dino said…
Hi....I googles Alice Montilla and I got here. Thanks for this blog. How is Tita Alice now? Shes a family friend, my mom worked with her in DOLE when we lived in Gensan sometime 1983-85. I was Grade 5 - 1st yr HS in Notre Dame then. Since we left 1985/86 I have seen her again. She is a very kind person. She was my personal mentor in our of the school's Oration Contest. My mom still works with DOLE but in Iligan City where our family transferred. Im not sure if they have talked since we left.
sheng said…
Hi dino, you googled Ma'am Alice just yesterday and she died yesterday too, we were there yesterday morning to pay our respects while she was on her death bed at Gensan Doctors, she will be interred this 19, not sure yet if this is official, she is my office mate in DOLE. Tell your Mom that her friend just passed away.

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